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Living in Macomb

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Macomb is a safe, friendly community where people enjoy a lifestyle that is more relaxed than in a big city and which provides a positive study environment.  Although Macomb is not a big city, it has an interesting diversity of people who represent not only the United States, but many parts of the world as well.  For more information about the community, visit Macomb's website.

Climate - The climate of Macomb varies depending on the season.  

Transportation - Macomb offers several types of transportation for students including a free bus system and daily train service to Chicago.

Housing - Most students are required to live in the dormitories. Click on the link for more information on living on-campus and off-campus.

Places of worship- See the list of places of worship in Macomb and the surrounding areas.  

Banking - There are many banking options available in Macomb.  The Center for International Studies will help students with banking during New International Student Orientation week.

Driver's license - Learn about the steps needed in order to get an Illinois driver's license.

Day care services - There are several different options for child care in Macomb.

School Information - How to enroll your school-aged children in the local schools.

Shopping - Check out local grocery stores and other shopping opportunities.

Mail services - Find out about mail services in Macomb.

American Culture - Learn about different aspects of American culture.

Culture Shock- Culture shock is very common to experience when entering a new culture.  Click on the link to learn to more about it.

Telephone/Fax Services - Learn about local phone and fax services available.