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Cultural Cafe

This event shines a spotlight on the different countries that WIU students come from.  Two to three times each semester, a student or group of students representatives from various countries offer us a glimpse into their country over a weekday lunch hour.  

Authentic cuisine from cultural cafe the country being presented is served to all those in attendance, as well.  Cultural Cafes are a great opportunity for international students to share information on their home country’s culture and a great chance for the campus community to learn about different countries and cuisines of the world.


Cultural Cafe presenters are not limited strictly to international students, though.  Anyone with expertise on a country or culture other than the US is welcome to present. If you would like to be a Cultural Café presenter, please contact



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Upcoming Events

Cultural Cafe - China

Tuesday, March 25

12:30 pm

Grand Ballroom, University Union

Come learn about China and sample authentic cuisine over the lunch hour!


Cultural Cafe - Brazil

Thursday, April 24

12:30 pm

Grand Ballroom, University Union

Come learn about Brazilian culture and try some authentic Brazilian cuisine!