Center for International Studies

Once You Are Admitted

Congratulations on your admission to WIU!   Now that you have been accepted you will need to prepare for your arrival. 

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WIU and Macomb offer a safe, friendly community where people enjoy a lifestyle that is more relaxed than in a big city and which provides a positive study environment.  Although Macomb is not a big city, it has an interesting diversity of people who represent not only the United States, but many parts of the world as well.  For more information about the community, visit Macomb's website.

Living in Macomb


Health Insurance

Driver's license

P laces of worship  






Mail services 


Day care services 


School Information     





Living in the United States
  • American Culture - Learn about different aspects of American culture.
  • Culture Shock- Culture shock is very common to experience when entering a new culture.  Click on the link to learn to more about it.


Employment and Scholarships


Transportation to and in Macomb


International Student Services