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The summer of 2010 was an amazing and unforgettable summer for all of us at Western Illinois University who were involved in the Summer Gwangju/WESL Program. We will long remember the very happy moments we shared with you over the five weeks of your stay. The time of sharing included our morning classes, the conversations with the mentors, and the social gatherings such as the picnics and multi-cultural potluck dinner. Our excursions and trips bring back so many great memories as well, such as our time in Bloomington, Springfield, St. Louis, Chicago and Burlington. A most special memory will be your awesome presentations on Korean culture and your singing at the Macomb retirement communities. We hope you enjoy this video program, and we hope that it will bring back many fond memories of your time with us each time you view it. Thank you for sharing your culture and your friendship with us during your stay. My heart-felt wishes to each of you for success and fulfillment in all your academic, professional, and personal endeavors. And please stay in touch! Steve.


Steve Kaesdorf, WESL teacher



You can download the file here...for the instructions, on how to download and burn the image file, click here.


Please note: This is an image file of the actual DVD prepared for Gwang Ju students. you first need to download the image file and then burn it to a DVD using a CD/DVD burner software. Download time varies based on different connection speeds (The file size is 4.14 GB).