Center for International Studies

Off-Campus Housing

There are many rental businesses around WIU and Macomb area.

These companies are not part of the University. The University can't find an off-campus apartments for you. It is your responsibility to do so.

If you are not yet in the United States, but want to find an apartment before you arrive, the companies are willing to send over a copy of the lease for signing, you would just need to contact them with the specifics (ex. number of rooms).

Almost all of the apartment companies in Macomb have international students living there. They are used to some of the special needs international students have and understand that sometimes there are language problems. They are willing to work with you if you have any problems.

Step 1: 

When you are accepted, you will receive a welcome email. Reply to this email and ask to be added to the "list serv." The listserv is an email group that allows international students to contact each other easily. Many current students need roommates or need to find someone to move into their apartment when they leave. This is a very good way to find a place to live before you arrive.

Step 2:

Contact our international student ambassadors. These are current international students who can give you advice about living in Macomb. They can tell you how they found their apartments and tell you about the things you need to check before you sign a lease.

Step 3:

Contact the apartment companies in Macomb. Click here for a list of companies.

Step 4:

WIU has a Student Tenant's Union (STU) that can help you find available apartments. To reach someone at the STU, you can either send an email to or call (309) 298-3285.

Important Questions:

  • What are the terms of the lease?
  • Who will you live with?
  • Does the place need furniture?
  • Television, computer, beds, couches, etc.
  • Who will bring furniture?
  • Will anyone have pets?
  • Does anyone have special needs?
  • Do you want to live in a house or apartment
  • How many rooms will be needed?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • How much is rent each month? * Usually a landlord (apartment/house owner) will make you pay the three things before you move in:
  • Rent for the first month, rent for the final month, and a security deposit that is usually equal to the cost of one month's rent
  • Will utilities (electricity, water, internet) be part of the rent or paid separately?
  • When is rent due?
  • Where will you wash your clothes?
  • Is there parking available? 
  • How far from campus is the house? Is there a bus stop near?

It is very, very important that you read the lease! For more information about leases, click here.