Center for International Studies

Housing for International Students

Step 1: Temporary Housing

If you don't have a place to stay when you first arrive, temporary housing may be available in the residence halls (dormitories). The prices will vary depending on when you arrive.  

  • In order to sign up for temporary housing (break housing), you must log in to your STARS account.  

The Macomb Inn and America's Best Value Inn also have short term housing.  For more information, email  If you already have a place to stay, please let us know that as well.


Step 2: Permanent Housing

Your housing options depend on whether you are a graduate student, undergraduate student, or WESL student.

Undergraduate Students (Bachelor's Degree Students) corbin olson

All WIU undergraduate students must live on campus (in the residence halls/dorms) for their first four semesters, or until they have completed 60 credit hours. 


  • If a student is married
  • If a student is over the age of 24.

View more information about living in residence halls.

The requirement for undergraduate students to live on-campus is a very firm policy. Exceptions are rarely made, usually in cases of extreme medical need. Freshman and sophomore undergraduate students should NOT plan on living off-campus even if they petition to do so.

Graduate Students (Master's Degree Students)

Graduate students may live on or off campus. View more information about off campus housing.

WESL Students (English Students)

WESL students can also live on or off campus. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WESL UNDERGRADUATES: If you are not married, under the age of 24, and have less than 60 credit hours when you finish WESL, you MUST move on campus when you begin University courses. Please think about this when you sign a lease!


Step 3: Consider Transportation and Parking go west bus

You must buy for a permit (at Mowbrary Hall) to park your car on campus.  If you don't have a car, it is still very easy to get around because WIU has a FREE bus system to take people to the University and around Macomb. There is a also a bike shop near campus where you can buy bicycles and equipment.


Step 4: Housing Contracts and Leases

Lease Information

Before You Move In

Pre-order things for your place


Step 5: What to do if you have problems

Apartment Issues


Need More Help?

For more help, you can contact:

WIU Housing

Center for International Studies