Center for International Studies

Before You Move In

Sep 1: Check the place

In order to get the maximum amount of your  security deposit refunded when you move out  the Student Tenant Union suggests that you
do the following:
◦ Make certain to go through the entire place thoroughly.  If there is anything that needs to be replaced make sure
and state that to your landlord.  Ex. Screen door has no glass in it, window lock is broken, etc.

◦ Take notes of any slight damage.  Cracks in walls, discolored paints, dirty carpet, ect. !

◦ Photograph or videotape the place (highly  recommended) so you know what damage was already there before you came

◦ You  should try to document the condition of  the place as early as possible to show that the place  has been lived in.  This will show the true nature of the unit before  normal wear and tear occurs throughout the school  year

◦ We recommend this so that if any discrepancies  occur between landlord and tenant then there is  visual evidence to back up the tenants claim

Step 2: Set up utilities (water, electricity, internet, ect.) a week before your arrival if possible.

*Note: If you are not in the US yet, it is a good idea to ask your landlord to do this for you. If landlord is taking care of your  utilities make sure that he/she has turned  your utilities on before you move in

◦ Call electric and gas companies:
Ameren CIPS (888)789-2477
McDonough Power (309)833-2101

◦ Setup cable/internet
Comcast Communications 1-800-266-2278

◦ Macomb Waterworks requires $100 deposit to turn  water on
Macomb Waterworks (309)833-2031 !

Step 3: Think about buying renters insurance

Buying renters insurance policy is also a good  idea. A landlord is not liable for any damage  done to your property due to fire, flooding,
vandalism, or theft.
◦ Some insurance policies average between $100 and  $150 per year. Please consult an insurance agent  for further information about prices and liability  issues. Click here for a list of insurance agents in Macomb. The Student Tenant Union or Center for International Studies can help if have problems contacting insurance agents.