Centennial Honors College


Pre-Honors Program

Why Join Pre-Honors?

By joining the Pre-Honors Program, you will be embarking on the path to becoming a full-fledged Centennial Honors College Student! This program will provide you with the opportunity to get involved with and exposed to the Centennial Honors College community in your first semester on campus. Some of the main perks of joining the Pre-Honors Program and working toward becoming a full-fledged member include:

  • Early exposure to what it means to be a Centennial Honors College student
  • Opportunities for leadership; personal, academic, and professional growth; and service learning
  • Campus connections with faculty, staff, and peers
  • Building a relationship with a current honors student – what we call an Honors Mentor
  • Student organization involvement
  • Community involvement opportunities
  • Unique course options, including courses with travel components
  • Manageable academic challenge