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Promoting Professional Achievement & Being On the Web Matters

"...make sure that the places you spend time are great places—and that they remain that way. Comment on the articles on your favorite blogs, forums, or communities. Engage them."
- Lifehacker (Source:

Tips from Lifehacker

  • Contribute to your communities
  • Eschew negativity
  • Remember these are real people
  • Observe your community before engaging
  • Give back
  • Synthesize & share your ideas


  • Be who you are, wherever you are
  • Use common sense
  • If it's not appropriate in real life, chances are it's not appropriate in social media, either
  • Show support & admiration to those you mentor; appreciation and & gratitude for those who mentored or inspired you

Social Media is Like a Playground...It Needs Careful Attention By Adults

Don't allow the web to be a playground that thoughtful adults have walked away from! Our children's world is being greatly shaped by the web. It should have engaged, professional adults helping shape the discourse.

When people of conscience walk away, this leaves it to the bullies in charge. Some people will look at what is on social media for 5 minutes (or less) and believe that what they see reflects the institutional page hosting the discussion. 

If you were helping your son or daughter pick a school, and saw this conversation on the 'Class of 2015' page, what would you think?

Case Example - WIU Class of 2015 Facebook Conversation

Case Example from Class of 2015 Conversation on Facebook, fall, 2011.

What an engaged response to this COULD have been...