Graduate Studies

  Cost Guarantee for Graduate Students

Western Illinois University offers guaranteed tuition, fees, as well as room and board rates for graduate students. Students eligible for the graduate cost guarantee must meet the following:

1. Must be enrolled in a graduate degree program (unclassified graduate students will not be eligible);

2. The guarantee will be for four consecutive years, or until degree completion, whichever occurs first. If the student has not finished the degree program within four years, the rate will be advanced by one year and will continue for another two years, for a maximum of six years;

3. If the student becomes unclassified during the guarantee program, he/she will be moved to the current rates and will not be covered by the guarantee until enrolled in a degree program;

4. The guarantee will cover per-hour tuition rate, per-hour University fee rate, and room and board.

5. Students who finish a degree program and who then begin a new degree program will be assessed the rate in effect at the time of enrollment in the new degree program and will retain that rate as described above.