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Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies

"As a practicing teacher, I have found myself constantly incorporating what I have learned through the program into my daily practice.  Since my first semester in the program, I have found myself more engaged and reflective about my own teaching.  The renewed energy and focus I have as a result of the contagious passion and enthusiasm of my professors have launched me into a new era in my career.: -- Susan Raley

"The thing that I like most about the EIS program is the exceptional quality of the instructors.  In addition to being experts of the material, the professors for the EIS program are highly skilled educators who put the theoretical work of education into classroom practice on a daily basis.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about education from such an amazing group of educational professionals." -- Seth Knappen

Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Cognition and Instruction
  • Language, Culture and Education
  • Social Foundations of Education

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Program Overview

The department offers a Master of Science in Education degree in Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies (EIS). The program allows for an individually tailored program of study, fostering a solid base of knowledge and skills in education and closely aligned disciplines. Individuals are prepared to function effectively as professionals in public or private educational or related human service settings.

Possible Careers

  • P-12 Teachers
  • Community College Instructors
  • Educational consultants or policy analysts in schools
  • College and other professional educational settings

Why Choose Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies at WIU?

At a time when the ability to make data-driven, research based decisions is increasingly becoming an expected skill for master teachers, we are the only graduate program in the college to stress the development of this critical skill as an integral part of our core graduate program across all three of our EIS graduate tracks. Of course, this is not the sole focus of our program. We also offer a focus on Bilingual/Bicultural/ESL education and Adult/Community education. As evident from our mission statement, our program is interdisciplinary in orientation allowing the degree candidate to develop a rich grasp of central issues and problems in education from the perspective of several key disciplines including psychology, philosophy, and anthropology/sociology. Whichever track you pursue, we think you will find the experience exhilarating and inspiring and welcome and look forward to your participation should you choose to join us.

Our Faculty

The faculty members of the EIS department are active scholars and practitioners deeply invested in education as a professional field. One measure of this investment is the scholarly output, in terms of presentations and publications, of our faculty. This past year, for example, our faculty members authored 1 book, 5 book chapters/monograph/refereed publications, presented 18 conference papers, and authored, and were funded for, 3 grants. Another measure of faculty investment is the level of service provided by faculty members throughout the university and the local region. EIS faculty members are very active in our college and university governance serving, for example, on the Faculty Senate and WIU Graduate Council. Nationally, they are active in professional organizations such as the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), Midwestern Educational Research Association and the Southern Poverty Law Center. More locally, several faculty members have been actively engaged in helping to facilitate Anglo-American and Hispanic relationships, particularly as they pertain to education, in both the Beardstown and Quad Cities communities. EIS faculty, you will find, are at once caring and demanding (in terms of educational standards), in their professional relationships as well as those developed with their students. More

Extracurricular Activities

ABBES - Association of Bilingual/Bicultural Education Students

Other Information

Located within the College of Education and Human Services, the department of Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies offers graduate degrees in Master of Science in Education (Cognition and Instruction; Language, Culture and Education; Social Foundations of Education), and College Student Personnel. The EIS department is supported by an accomplished and diverse group of faculty whose expertise ranges from educational psychology to philosophy of education, from multicultural/bilingual studies, to college student personnel. Faculty members utilize their distinctive disciplinary orientations and accompanying methodologies to collectively address pressing educational, intellectual, and social concerns.

  • Large enough to offer a wide variety of courses and small enough to provide individual attention.
  • All graduate courses taught by faculty holding the Ph.D.
  • Faculty members who are genuinely interested in your intellectual development.
  • Advising tailored to your personal needs and educational goals.
  • Opportunities for interacting with students from other countries and cultures.
  • Opportunities to present your research at department seminars.
  • Academic credit for internships and assistance in locating internships.
  • Career development and employment information is provided regularly.

Some of our Graduates

Dr. John Schwieter

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Degrees Available:

  • M.S.Ed.


  • Quad Cities
  • Macomb

Required GPA:

  • Cumulative: 2.75
  • Last 2 years: N/A

Admission Requirements:

  • Goals Statement
  • Interview
  • Transcripts

Interesting Facts: Fall 2016

  • Currently enrolled: 27
  • International: 1
  • Minority: 6
  • Male: 4
  • Female: 23
  • Students with Assistantships: 5
  • Currently enrolled in the certificate program: 2

Department Contact Information:

Horrabin Hall 115