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The graduate certificate in African and African Diaspora World Studies provides an option for students who have a particular interest in global studies, interdisciplinary and multicultural studies, and especially those who would choose courses in the discipline of African and African Diaspora World Studies to complement their graduate studies or enhance their career interest. Courses are offered in the humanities and social sciences. This program is designed to provide advanced education in content areas that will complement other graduate study or be used as a credential to indicate education in areas of cultural diversity. Students will be educated in the unique and intersecting issues of diversity that affect life in our twenty-first century global world. The program will offer opportunities to former or future members of the Peace Corps in Africa or its Diaspora who may want this program in order to attain a higher qualification about areas and cultures where they have lived or are about to live, or areas that are becoming for them a growing passion and academic curiosity. K-12 teachers requiring graduate certification in diversity education or competence in the teaching of African Americans Studies will find this program very attractive. The certificate requires 12 credit hours drawn from the courses listed below. Students must demonstrate a prior knowledge of and competence in research/Writing in the Discipline through at least a 3 credit hour upper-division course from their prior undergraduate work or a research methodology course from their current graduate work.

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    • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate only
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    • Macomb
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