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Assistantship Positions

Please note: Assistantship positions are intended to complement the student’s program of study and a rationale may be required from the hiring department if the two are not clearly connected. Also, positions listed below may have already been filled. It is the student's responsibility to verify availability with the hiring departments. Should a student wish to have the assistantship application materials on file in the Graduate School sent to a department outside of their academic program, they must submit the request form (

Western Illinois University endeavors to provide a safe environment for its employees and students and requires candidates to submit to a background investigation upon offer of employment. Employment is contingent upon compliance with University policies and procedures relating to the receipt and evaluation of information contained in the background investigation.

Graduate Student Employment Positions - Non-Assistantship

The below positions are employment opportunities for graduate students but are not assistantship positions. They do not come with a tuition waiver nor follow the eligibility requirements of assistantships.


The purpose of the live-in House Director is to provide direction, help with program development, and provide advice and consultation to chapter membership around housing operations within the fraternity setting. The House Director shall report to the Asset Manager of Pi Kappa Phi Properties. The House Director facilitates this by keeping constant communication with the members of the fraternity and the Asset Manager of Pi Kappa Phi Properties. Discipline in the chapter is generally the job of the chapter officers, but the House Director is available for consultations and facilitations and will work under parameters set by the individual lease and chapter usage agreements.


  1. Seeks and maintains rapport with house residents.
  2. Assists individuals in areas of personal and academic development, specifically providing proper referrals to campus
  3. resources.
  4. Work to develop a community based upon respect for fellow residents.
  5. Assist Fraternity members and official chapter advisors in the understanding of University and Fraternity policy.
  6. Act as an advisor on issues that pertain to the individual leases and Chapter Usage Agreement.
  7. Confronts lease violations and reports them to Pi Kappa Phi Properties. Violations of University or Fraternity policy
  8. should be reported to the Chapter leadership.


  1. Meets with the property manager as requested to discuss general conditions within the fraternity.
  2. Engage in a weekly walk through of chapter house with undergraduate house manager.
  3. Become familiar with mechanical systems of the chapter house.
  4. Assist property manager in check in and check out procedures for all tenants during the academic year.
  5. Complete appropriate forms required by Pi Kappa Phi Properties and the property management company, including
  6. tracking the progress of all work orders.
  7. Attend weekly chapter meetings as determined or requested by chapter.
  8. Attend bi-monthly conference call with Asset Manager and chapter leadership.
  9. Maintain a file of member's emergency contact information and to the extent possible live-in member’s schedules.
  10. Other duties as assigned by the Asset Manager.


  1. Adheres to University policies and regulations, and supports the mission of Western Illinois University, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and Pi Kappa Phi Properties.
  2. Regards the information received in conversations with members as invaluable and private. This position is not covered by confidentiality and any information that may be learned may need to be reported if asked by Pi Kappa Phi Properties or under subpoena from law enforcement.
  3. Works with chapter leadership and/or chapter advisor to help maintain a safe and respectable living environment within the chapter house for tenants, members, and guests.

The Graduate House Director shall be provided a private bedroom in the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity house free of charge,
including utilities. If the chapter has a meal plan on site, the House Director will also be provided a Board Plan.


Must be a full time, enrolled, male graduate student in any discipline. Please submit a resume to: David Wallace, Asset Manager - Pi Kappa Phi Properties (

(*Not an assistantship)

The Delta Upsilon Graduate Assistant is a live-in position designed to help develop and maintain a sound educational environment within the Fraternity Chapter House and foster the personal growth and development of college men, both in a group setting and on an individual basis.

The primary responsibility of the Graduate Assistant is to act as a facilitator for the Fraternity and to enhance the social, educational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, vocational, cultural and environmental development of each member. The Graduate Assistant, in consort with the Chapter Advisors, works directly with the Fraternity members, the officers, the Executive Board and the Fraternity Chapter as a whole during its weekly Chapter meetings.

A secondary responsibility will be working with the operation of the Fraternity house physical plant structure. In this responsibility, the Graduate Assistant works with the Chapter members and is responsible to the Chapter’s Alumni Corporation who own and operate the Chapter House property.

The Graduate Assistant is an integral part of the Fraternity. The Graduate Assistant is a paraprofessional staff member who has the most direct contact with the fraternity members. The Graduate Assistant will be assigned to live in the fraternity house and work with all members of the fraternity who are currently enrolled at the university. The Graduate Assistant reports directly to the Chapter Advisor and is responsible to the Chapter Alumni Corporation through its Board President.

The Graduate Assistant compensation includes a single bedroom apartment with Chapter meal program in addition to the opportunity to learn basic skills in programming, human interaction and administration. The furnished two room apartment includes an Ethernet connection to the house internet system. Wireless service is also available throughout the facility. The apartment has a separate cable service connection available which may be obtained through Comcast Communications.


Must be a full time, enrolled, graduate student in any discipline. Please submit a resume to: Dave Maguire, Chapter Advisor - Delta Upsilon (