Graduate Studies

Assistantship Changes

This past spring the School of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Council reviewed the assistantship personnel program and policies. Updated general information concerning assistantships may be found at:

Areas in which changes or additions were made include:

  • Revision of the guiding principle statement for assistantship awards emphasizing the spirit with which assistantships should be utilized.
  • Development of an Assistantship Personnel Incident Report which may be used to record inappropriate behavior/performance incidences, foster communication between hiring department and the assistant, and supplement performance evaluations.
  • Development of time reporting policies that are flexible to hiring departments with assistantship positions, but that is also fair to assistantship personnel.
  • Creation of a new assistantship category - Teaching Support Assistant (TSA).

Should you have any questions concerning the assistantship personnel program, please feel free to contact the School of Graduate Studies at (309) 298-1806 or