Graduate Studies

Abstract Submission Instructions

The School of Graduate Studies invites current WIU graduate students to submit abstracts to present at the university-wide Graduate Research Conference to be held on Friday, March 5, 2021 in the University Union.

In order to make a poster, podium, or performance presentation, complete and submit the Proposal Submission Form available at by January 29, 2021.

Students who submit an abstract agree to present if accepted. All accepted abstracts will be posted on the Graduate Studies website in early February.

Instructions for filling out the form:

1) Enter the title of your project.

2) Select the type of presentation from the drop-down menu (Poster, Podium, or Performance).

3) Indicate the type of activity (Scholarly/Creative).

4) Enter your name.

5) Enter your email address.

6) Enter the names of your co-presenters or co-authors in the separate space provided along with their graduate major and email. Please clarify if they are presenting with you (co-presenter) or not (co-author). If you plan to present as part of a pre-formed podium panel, list the names of fellow panel presenters along with a title for the pre-formed panel. All students who plan to present at the Conference should submit an abstract through the proposal submission site.

7) Select principal presenter’s main campus (Macomb/Quad Cities).

8) Enter the graduate major.

9) Enter your faculty mentor's name and email address.

10) The abstract (500 words maximum) should contain some combination of the following elements, or an appropriate adaptation thereof: a statement of the project objectives; the project’s proposed significance; key questions related to the project; relevant literature or contextual background; appropriate theoretical or methodological considerations; and a discussion of procedure and any significant results/conclusions/interpretation.

By submitting abstracts, all presenters acknowledge that they have read and accepted the Guidelines for Participation and that research meets protocols for human, animal, and radiological research. All presenters also permit the release of photographs taken of them and their work on the day of presentation. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Kishor Kapale (