Graduate Studies

September 15, 2008 Minutes

University Union Board Room, 3:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: e. Hassan, B. Locke, M. Maskarinec, J. McNabb, J. McQuillan, G. Montalvo, M. Mossman (Chair), K. Pawelko

GUESTS: V. Auger, V. Jelatis, S. Martinelli-Fernandez, D. Patrick, L. Ternasky, J. Thomas

OTHERS: J. Dallinger, G. Sullivan


Introductions were made by those in attendance. Provost Thomas thanked everyone for attending the Faculty Assembly on August 21, 2008. He indicated that a goal for Academic Affairs is to expand the current graduate programs and pursue selective doctoral programs. He explained the process a department must complete in order to be allowed to put forward a request for a new graduate or doctoral program which includes submitting a feasibility study ( to be approved by the Provost. Once approved, departments then submit the proper request forms to the Graduate Council for consideration. Provost Thomas indicated he is looking for new programs that are cutting-edge and set WIU apart from other universities. He indicated that research dollars will be increased through Sponsored Projects, and that guidelines and applications will be forthcoming concerning the CITR grant money.

Provost Thomas responded to questions from Council members. In response to Dr. Maskarinec’s question concerning dollar amount limits for the CITR grant money, Provost Thomas indicated an email will be sent out within the next few days. Dr. Maskarinec raised a concern about reviewing and approving doctoral programs. Provost Thomas reassured him that the feasibility study will be a thorough process. Dr. Mossman asked if there was a formula used in the summer graduate offerings at the Quad Cities and Macomb campuses. Provost Thomas indicated a task force had recently been formed to review summer class offerings.

Dr. Mossman thanked the Provost for visiting with the Graduate Council.


A. Theatre and Dance

1. Request for multiple-title approval

a. THEA 550, Design for the Theatre, 3-9 s.h., repeatable to 36

Mr. Patrick presented the course request to the Council indicating there are three areas under which a student can take this course – scenic, lighting, and costume design – yet it currently does not appear on the student transcript as such.

Motion: To approve the request. (Maskarinec/Hassan) MOTION APPROVED: 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


A. Barclay Key, Assistant Professor, History

Motion: To approve Dr. Key for full membership in the graduate faculty. (Montalvo/McNabb) MOTION APPROVED: 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


A. Graduate Assistantship Allocations

Drs. Mossman and Dallinger provided some history related to an item that was brought to the Council in Spring 2008. Dr. Ternasky inquired as to how assistantship monies are allocated as there appears to be a disparity across the departments. Dr. Dallinger indicated the Graduate School does not have access to the dollars allotted to each department or college as that is a function of the Provost’s Office. For many years, assistantship lines have been rolled forward each fiscal year with the Deans’ having control of their total dollar amount of assistantship funds. Should a department wish to seek additional assistantship monies, requests should be submitted to their Dean who then may include the request in their consolidated annual report to the Provost and President. Should it be approved through all of those levels, the additional funds would be granted. Dr. Ternasky indicated his question had been answered and no further pursuit of the issue was needed.

Motion: To remove this item from the agenda as no further action is required. MOTION APPROVED: 6 YES – 1 NO – 1 AB


A. Form sub-committee to select awardees of the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development fund

One member from each college volunteered to serve on the selection committee for the Fall 2008 Graduate Student Research and Professional Development award. The committee will be: Marty Maskarinec, egla Hassan, Jen McNabb, and Katherine Pawelko. The meeting will be held on October 9 from 8am-9am in the University Union. Ms. Sullivan will schedule a room and notify the sub-committee members. It was decided that the same committee will review thesis applications for the MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award.

B. Graduate School Deadlines

Dr. Dallinger presented proposed changes to Graduate School deadlines for applications for graduation and thesis/dissertation submissions. The proposed deadlines for graduation applications are: Spring – March 10, Summer – June 10, and Fall – October 10. The proposed deadlines for submission of thesis or dissertation are: Spring – April 15, Summer – July 15, and Fall – November 15. Dr. Dallinger noted that these dates were being proposed as the library will no longer be verifying the thesis/dissertations and that has now become a function of the Graduate School. The earlier dates will allow for staff to verify thesis/dissertations in a timely fashion for their degree completion. She indicated these dates were in line with those of other universities. The Council voiced concerns with the thesis/dissertation dates and requested to table this item for further discussion due to lack of time.

Motion: To table this item for further discussion and invite Ms. Sue Tygrett to the next meeting. MOTION APPROVED: 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

C. Possible Issues for 2008-2009 – Mark Mossman

This item was tabled due to lack of time.

D. Information Items – Mark Mossman

Dr. Mossman informed the Graduate Council of an Academic Integrity Incident Report that has been filed in the Graduate School. This report is from the Department of Theatre and Dance.


A. Request for admission into an integrated degree program with less than the required GPA

1. Computer Science

This request was withdrawn by the student and department as he completed a summer course that raised his GPA to meet the admission requirement.

B. Requests to late withdraw from courses

1. Economics

The student and a family member were present at the meeting; no departmental representation. The student requested a late withdrawal from Spring 2008 as he indicated he was suffering from depression during that time. He presented a letter from a counselor to the Graduate Council. The Council questioned the student about the Fall 2007 semester as he had withdrawn from that semester as well. Student indicated it was the same situation.

Motion: To approve the request to late withdraw from Spring 2008 with the understanding that no late withdrawals will be approved in the future. The Council would like it noted that the student and department must be aware of all deadlines and are responsible for meeting those deadlines.
(Maskarinec/Pawelko) MOTION APPROVED: 5 YES – 1 NO – 2 AB

2. Political Science

Dr. Auger was present to respond to questions from the Council; the student was not present. The student requested a late withdrawal from Spring 2008 due to emotional issues during that time. No documentation was provided. It was not clear what the student’s intentions are as she is currently in a second bachelor’s program in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.

Motion: To approve the request to late withdraw from Spring 2008. (McNabb/Montalvo) MOTION DENIED: 0 YES – 6 NO – 2 AB

C. Request to transfer a total of 18 s.h. into a graduate program

This request was tabled at the September 3 Graduate Council meeting. This request was later withdrawn by the student and the department.

Meeting adjourned: 5:15 p.m.