Graduate Studies

September 10, 2007

University Union Board Room – 3:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: K. Clontz, T. Cody (Chair), B. Cupples, e. Hassan, B. Locke, M. Maskarinec (Vice Chair), M. Mossman, M. Romano

GUESTS: John Elfrink, Tom Erekson, Netkal Made Gowda, Bob Hall, Ruth Kelly, Susan Martinelli-Fernandez, Maureen Marx, Greg Montalvo, Kathy Neumann, George Peek, Bob Quesal, Miriam Satern, Lance Ternasky, Donna Williams, Penny Yunker

OTHERS: B. Baily, G. Sullivan


Dr. Cody introduced the new members: Dr. Clontz (substituting for Dr. Pawelko this semester), Ms. Hassan (newly elected), Dr. Locke (substituting for Dr. Graves this academic year), and Dr. Mossman (newly elected). Dr. Cody gave a brief overview of the expectations of being a member of the Graduate Council as well as the general flow of the meetings.


A. Educational Leadership

1. Request for a new graduate course

a. EDL 701, Quantitative Research in Educational Leadership, 3 s.h.

Dr. Hall presented the request for the EDL 701. Dr. Maskarinec objected to the “straight statistics” listing of the outline of the course and argued that the course as presented should be offered through the Mathematics department. After discussion involving Drs. Hall, Montalvo and Council members, Dr. Hall agreed to revise the catalog description to include a direct relationship to the field of education and educational leadership.

Motion: To approve the request for new graduate course EDL 701 pending submission of a new catalog description. (Cupples/Romano) MOTION APPROVED 7 YES – 0 NO – 1 AB

2. Request to change graduate program requirements

a. Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Dr. Hall indicated the Department of Educational Leadership would like to remove EDL 720 ( Coalition Building, 3 s.h.) as it offers similar course content as two other core courses, EIS 747 (Politics in Education) and SPED 613 (Families, Diversity, and Social Issues). EDL 720 would be replaced by the newly approved course, EDL 701 (Quantitative Research in Educational Leadership, 3 s.h.). The addition of this course to the curriculum will strengthen students’ knowledge and skills in statistics, a need identified through assessment. Total program hours will not change.

Motion: To approve the request to remove EDL 720 and add EDL 701 to the required courses for the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. (Romano/Clontz) MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

B. History

1. Requests to add graduate credit to a 400-level course

a. HIST 482, Topics in European History, 3 s.h. (repeatable to 6, with permission)

b. HIST 488, Topics in U.S. History, 3 s.h. (repeatable to 6, with permission)

These items remained tabled per the request of the Department of History. Additional documentation is anticipated for an upcoming meeting.

C. Kinesiology

1. Request to increase credit hours

a. KIN 543, Strength and Conditioning Enhancement, 2 to 3 s.h.

Dr. Satern noted by increasing the hours on this course, it will make it possible to cover all topical areas included on the National Strength and Conditioning Association certification examination and, thus, better preparing Kinesiology students for this exam. She indicated this is an elective course and will not change the total hours of the graduate program.

Motion: To approve the request to increase the credit hours of KIN 543 from 2 s.h. to 3 s.h. (Romano/Locke) MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


Dr. Baily provided a brief overview of the three levels of graduate faculty membership (full, associate, and temporary) including the expectations and requirements of each.

A. Xiaoping Pan, Chemistry, Assistant Professor

Dr. Gowda was present to answer questions concerning this application. He was unsure if her previous teaching experience included graduate level courses. It was noted, however, that teaching experience is not a requirement for approval.

Motion: To approve the application of Dr. Pan for full membership in the graduate faculty. (Romano/Mossman) MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


A. Proposal for Integrated Baccalaureate and Master’s Degree Programs

The Council began their discussions sharing input gathered from their respective colleges on the proposal. It was viewed as a win/win situation for both students and the University from those areas that might like to offer such a program. Dr. Locke noted that such a program would not be advantageous for Music students as they would lose one year of mentoring with the faculty. He also questioned how the applicants to this program would be evaluated for admission in addition to the GPA requirement and the semester hour requirement. Following a brief discussion, it was suggested to add wording to the draft of the request form which would request departmental specific “other” admissions requirements such as submitting portfolios, etc. Ms. Williams from the Registrar’s Office was asked if there were any concerns regarding implementation of this program to which she stated there were no concerns.

Motion: To approve the Integrated Baccalaureate and Master’s Degree Programs proposal. (Romano/Maskarinec) MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

The Council will review a draft of the Request for Integrated Baccalaureate and Master’s Degree Program at the next meeting.

B. Proposal for Revisions to Selection Criteria for Research and Professional Development Fund

The Council discussed the proposals which include limiting the number of applications per academic department per award period to two and allowing students to submit only one application per semester. Another topic of discussion was whether specific dollar amounts should be allocated to each type of proposal (research project, professional presentation, and other activities).

Motion: To table this item for further discussion at next meeting. MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

1. Draft of evaluation score sheet and comments

2. Draft of application changes

These items were tabled for discussion at next meeting.

C. Operating Paper of the School of Graduate Studies/Composition of the Graduate Council

Dr. Martinelli-Fernandez spoke briefly concerning Dr. Ruth Kelly’s points of discussion as submitted to the Council in November 2006 in regard to the composition of the Graduate Council.

Motion: To table this item for further discussion at next meeting. MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


A. Academic Integrity Incident Report

Dr. Cody reported that three Academic Integrity Incident Reports were filed in the Graduate School. These were resolved at the departmental level.

B. Sub-committee of the Graduate Council to select award recipients of the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund

A sub-committee was formed and will be asked to review applications for the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund in late September and select award recipients. A representative from each college will comprise the sub-committee and those members are Drs. Clontz, Cupples, Locke, and Mossman. Information will be sent to those members at a later date. Ms. Sullivan will contact the sub-committee to schedule a meeting time.

C. Update regarding Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Baily informed the Council that the request to offer the Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree has been submitted to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the proposal is pending staff approval for inclusion on a future IBHE meeting agenda.

D. Course Revalidation Policy – Dr. Mark Mossman

E. Graduate Assistant Stipends – Dr. Mark Mossman

F. Medical Leave for Graduate Assistants – Dr. Mark Mossman

These items were tabled due to lack of time.


A. Communication Sciences and Disorders

1. Request to appeal grade change denial by the Graduate School

The student addressed the Council and explained that she is requesting to reverse a decision by the Director of the Graduate School to allow her grade for CSD 587 to be changed from a C to a B. The original grade change was approved by the instructor, department chair, and college dean, however, was not approved by the Graduate School because it was assumed that other students were not allowed the same opportunity. As instructor of the course, Dr. Quesal spoke in support of the student’s appeal. As department chair and graduate committee chairperson, Dr. Marx noted she did not support the appeal as others were not granted the same opportunity. The Council asked numerous questions of all parties and determined that the student was not granted credit for additional work, but was to receive the appropriate credit for work she had done prior to the end of the semester that was not known to Dr. Quesal when he assigned the original grade.

Motion: To approve the request to change the student’s grade for CSD 587 from a C to a B. (Clontz/Romano) MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

2. Request to waive the 9-hour “C” rule

The same student addressed the Council and indicated due to the upcoming deployment of her husband, she lost focus in her Spring 2007 coursework. Dr. Marx noted that the full graduate faculty did not support her request to appeal the 9-hour “C” rule. Also, Dr. Marx noted that an incomplete grade on her transcript would be changed to a grade of “C” once the paperwork made its way through the appropriate channels. The Council asked many questions of each party. When asked why the faculty did not think she was possessed the necessary skills required in the master’s program, Dr. Marx indicated having that many grades of C in the second year of courses, specifically clinically-based courses, was not acceptable for CSD students. She also noted that her knowledge and skills are not at the level they should be and that she is not meeting the departmental standards in the CSD program.

Motion: To deny the request to waive the 9-hour “C” rule. (Romano/Hassan) MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

Meeting Adjourned: 5:30 p.m.