Graduate Studies

October 8, 2007 Minutes

MEMBERS PRESENT: K. Clontz, T. Cody (Chair), e. Hassan, B. Locke, M. Maskarinec (Vice Chair), M. Mossman, M. Romano


GUESTS: Netkal Made Gowda, Sue Martinelli-Fernandez, Rose McConnell, Kim McDaniel, Jo-Ann Morgan, Kathy Neumann, Lucia Peek, Terry Rodenberg, Lance Ternasky,

OTHERS: B. Baily (ex-officio), G. Sullivan


A. Educational Leadership

1. New course – EDL 701, Quantitative Research in Educational Leadership, 3 s.h.

2. Change in graduate program requirements – Ed.D.

B. Kinesiology

1. Increase credit hours – KIN 543, Strength and Conditioning Enhancement from 2 to 3 s.h.

Dr. Cody announced the curriculum approvals.


A. History

1. Requests to add graduate credit to a 400-level course

a. HIST 482, Topics in European History, 3 s.h. (repeatable to 6, with permission)

b. HIST 488, Topics in U. S. History, 3 s.h. (repeatable to 6, with permission)

The above items remain tabled per request of the Department of History.


A. Tarab Ahmad, Chemistry, Assistant Professor

B. Gilles Kouassi, Chemistry, Assistant Professor

C. Byoung Jik Lee, Computer Science, Associate Professor

D. Jo-Ann Morgan, African American Studies

E. Sumesh Philip, Computer Science, Assistant Professor

Motion: To approve all of the above requests as a group. (Romano/Mossman) MOTION APPROVED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


A. Integrated Baccalaureate and Master’s Degree Programs

1. Request form

Dr. Cody noted the request for the Integrated Baccalaureate and Master’s degree programs was approved by President Goldfarb in September 2007. As such, it is now the Council’s responsibility to create a request form for departments to use when submitting new program requests. The draft of the form was reviewed. Dr. Romano reiterated the need for departments to include specific departmental qualifications and methods of evaluation for students applying to the program, other than the GPA requirement. Dr. Maskarinec suggested enumerating a portion of #6 (Major GPA requirements for admission to the program. List additional, if any, application materials to be evaluated for acceptance to the program.) which would make it clearer that other departmental qualifications beyond the GPA should be used when determining the acceptance of students into these programs. A few other minor wording changes were suggested and approved.

Motion: To approve the request form with suggested changes. (Hassan/Romano) MOTION APPROVED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

Dr. Cody requested Ms. Sullivan electronically send an updated copy to the Council members. Dr. Neumann inquired if the Council will be ready to accept program requests for the November meeting. Dr. Baily noted an implementation meeting is scheduled with various offices next week and provided there are no major issues from that meeting, the Council should be ready to accept requests. Ms. Sullivan noted the revised new program request form should be available on the Graduate School website by early next week.

B. Proposal for Revisions to Selection Criteria for Research and Professional Development Fund

1. Draft of evaluation score sheet and comments

Dr. Baily noted the suggested changes on the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund application which make the evaluation methods clearer to the applicants. The draft of the Evaluation Score Sheet and Comments was also review by the Council. The Council entertained a lengthy discussion on various aspects of the proposal including how to differentiate conference attendance requests from conference presentation requests; the possibility of removing the application category of “other scholarly activities” and the concerns of removing it; dividing the total award dollars among the three categories of research, professional presentation, and other by allotting certain amounts to each; selecting five as a maximum number of applications submitted by academic departments each semester; and changing the numbers to 0-4 rather than 1-5 on the Evaluation Score Sheet and Comments to allow for 0 to indicate unacceptable.

Motion: A motion was made to approve the following effective Spring 2008:

  1. 1. Limit the submission of applications to five per department per semester
  2. 2. No change to the types of proposals accepted.
  3. 3. Earmarking of funds per type of proposal will not be considered at this time.
  4. 4. Change the scoring numbers from 1-5 to 0-4 on the Evaluation Score Sheet and Comments and use this tool during the selection process.
  5. 5. Accept the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund Application as drafted.

(Clontz/Hassan) MOTION APPROVED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

It was noted that the department chairs will need to receive a detailed memo explaining the changes. Dr. Baily and Ms. Sullivan indicated they will initiate all of the notifications and updates needed. Also, the Council noted it may choose to revisit the earmarking of funds issue after the Spring 2008 selection process.

C. Operating Paper of the School of Graduate Studies/Composition of the Graduate Council

This item was table due to lack of time.


A. Request to change Study Abroad eligibility requirements for graduate students at WIU – Center for International Studies

Dr. Rodenberg and Ms. McDaniel presented the request to the Council. It was indicated that graduate students typically participate only in the short-term (1-5 week) study abroad programs. The proposed policy would change the current eligibility requirements for graduate students from (1) completing at least 9 s.h. at WIU, (2) having a cumulative GPA of 2.5, (3) being in good academic and judicial standing, and (4) having no financial or academic encumbrances; to (1) completing a Graduate Application to Study Abroad form, (2) being in good academic and judicial standing, and (3) having no financial or academic encumbrances. Ms. McDaniel noted in 2005 there were 72 applications and 49 actually participated with the expectation that the numbers will continue to rise.

Motion: To accept the proposed policy as submitted by the Center for International Studies. (Romano/Mossman)

Amendment: To accept the proposed policy as submitted by the Center for International Studies and include a fourth requirement which requires that applicants be enrolled in a graduate degree program at WIU. Also, requiring the Department Chair and Graduate Committee Chair of the applicant’s academic program to submit a letter of support/recommendation with the ‘Graduate Application to Study Abroad.’ MOTION APPROVED 5 YES – 1 NO – 1 AB

It was noted the new form should be changed to eliminate the requirement of Department Chair and Graduate Academic Advisor signatures since they will now be required to attach a letter of support/recommendation.


A. Report from sub-committee regarding selection process for the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund

Ms. Sullivan distributed data concerning Fall 2007 applications which indicated that of the 16 applications received 11 were funded. Biology and Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies were departments receiving assistance totaling $4,077.

B. Course Revalidation Policy – Dr. Mark Mossman

This item was tabled due to lack of time.

C. Graduate Assistant Stipends – Dr. Mark Mossman

Dr. Mossman explained that he would like the Council to research peer institutions to determine graduate assistant stipends offered as well as any other fringe benefits offered to graduate students. Dr. Baily suggested the Council ask Dr. Tere North in the Office of Planning, Budget and Institutional Research to provide this information to them. Ms. Sullivan will contact Dr. North with this request.

D. Medical Leave for Graduate Assistants – Dr. Mark Mossman

This item was tabled due to lack of time.

E. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation information – Dr. Barb Baily

Dr. Baily gave a brief overview of the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Task Force Report dated May 2007. Presentations of the Task Force Report will be made to various groups during the fall semester. She highlighted #3 on page 6 of the report, which is among a list of recommendations. Specific to the Council, #3 requires all students to submit theses and dissertations electronically beginning Fall 2008. She indicated this is a topic the Council will be asked to discuss in the near future and that she and other members of the Task Force would like to formally present to them at the last meeting of the semester. She noted that the Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership is a pilot group which will be submitting dissertations electronically.

F. Post-baccalaureate certificate program admission requirements – Dr. Barb Baily

This item was tabled due to lack of time.


A. Request to waive the 6-hour “C” rule

1. English

The student was unable to attend the conference in person as she is now living outside of the United States and was also unable to teleconference due to the limited use of phones in her area. Dr. Mossman spoke on behalf of the department noting that the student’s appeal letter was unclear as to what was being requested. He stated the department does not support a request to waive the six-hour “C” rule. The Council asked Dr. Mossman if the student could have tested out of one of the courses in which she received a grade of “C” as she mentioned in her appeal letter; he said it was an option for students but he wasn’t the advisor at the time. Dr. Mossman exited the room during deliberations.

Motion: To deny the request to waive the 6-hour “C” rule. (Romano/Clontz) MOTION APPROVED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

Meeting adjourned: 5:05 p.m.