Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Minutes - October 7, 2013

3:00 p.m., Horrabin Hall, Room 60/QC Campus 114

Members Present: J. Averbeck, V. Diehl, J. McQuillan, A. Mossman (Chair) J. Myers, M. Stinnett

Members Absent: W. Polley, T. Walker

Guests Present: G. Delaney-Barmann, C. Harbke, A. Lynn, R. Morgan

Ex-Officio present: N. Parsons

Others Present: C. Dodson


A. Academic Integrity Incident Reports Filed in the School of Graduate Studies, Sept. 2013 (1)


1. Resolved with Instructor (1)


B. Temporary Graduate Faculty Approvals for 2013 – 2014


Ms. Dodson shared the list of Unit B faculty granted temporary membership in the graduate faculty for the current academic year. 


A. Sarah Haynes, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies


Motion: To approve the request. (Stinnett/Diehl) MOTION CARRIED 6 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


B. Joanne Sellen, Assistant Professor, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies


Motion: To approve the request. (McQuillan/Averbeck) MOTION CARRIED 6 YES – 0 NO –0 AB


C. Lora Lee Wolff, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership


Motion: To approve the request. (Myers/McQuillan) MOTION CARRIED 5 YES – 0 NO – 1 AB


A. Policy Review: “D” Grades Sub-committee


Dr. Polley was absent, but will follow up with meeting plans after the sub-committee is formed. Dr. Mossman asked for two volunteers to serve on the sub-committee to review the policy.  Dr. McQuillan and Dr. Diehl volunteered to serve, and Dr. Angela Lynn will be part of the sub-committee as well.


B. Graduate Research Day and Week (2/7; 2/3-7)


Dr. Mossman reported that the conference will be held from 10:00am to 3:30pm on February 7, will be open to all WIU graduate students, and may be poster, performance, or podium presentations. Emails from Dr. Mossman will be coming with additional information.


A. “FN” and “FW” grades for graduate Students


Dr. Angela Lynn was present to provide information to the Graduate Council regarding the new “FN” and “FW” grading policy recently approved by CAGAS and Faculty Senate for undergraduate students. The Federal Government has significantly increased their oversight of federal student aid to ensure that Universities are fully compliant with rules and regulations. Universities are required to submit dates of last attendance for students on Federal Financial Aid who withdraw from a class or fail to attend. Large

fines are being imposed on Universities that fail to provide this information. Dr. Lynn stated this may not be as necessary at the graduate level. Dr. Parsons stated that there are many graduate students who are eligible for and receive federal financial aid. Below are the new grading options for Fall 2014 implementation:


FN = Failure: Never attended/accessed/participated
FW = Failure: Unofficial Withdrawal/stopped attending or completing coursework (note: “F” will continue to be the grade given for failure to meet the academic requirements of the course)


These grades would be available for both early warning and final grade reporting. The new FW grade would prompt the faculty member to enter the last date of attendance/access or known submission of coursework on the Grade Reporting screen. Financial Aid would be able to access the data.


Dr. Lynn also stated neither “I”/incomplete grades nor “U”/unsatisfactory grades will be considered in this grading, and also answered questions from members of the Council.


Motion: To approve the new policy for graduate students as it was approved for undergraduate students. (Myers/Diehl) MOTION CARRIED 6 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB


Meeting adjourned 3:50 p.m.