Graduate Studies

November 10, 2008 Minutes

MEMBERS PRESENT: e. Hassan (Vice Chair), B. Locke, M. Maskarinec, J. McNabb, J. McQuillan, G. Montalvo, M. Mossman (Chair), K. Pawelko

GUESTS: Scott Hemenover, Sue Martinelli-Fernandez, Rose McConnell

EX-OFFICIO: J. Dallinger

OTHERS: G. Sullivan


A. Chemistry

1. Request to add graduate credit to an undergraduate course

a. CHEM 463, Advanced Pharmacology, 3 s.h.

Dr. McConnell explained that this course focuses on the chemical interactions of pharmaceutical agents and their receptor sites, as well as pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug dosing and interactions. She noted that students earning graduate credit for this course will be required to complete four in-depth case studies which include an oral and written report. Council members commended Dr. McConnell for a thorough course request and supporting documentation.

Motion: To approve the request to add graduate credit to CHEM 463. (Locke/Hassan)



A. Dana Lindemann, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Dr. Hemenover was present to respond to any questions from the Council.

Motion: To approve Dana Lindemann’s request for full membership in the graduate faculty. (Locke/Montalvo)



A. Possible Issues for 2008-2009

Dr. Mossman refreshed the Council on four potential issues they discussed earlier in the year via email communication. Those included: (1) International students in programs, (2) composition of thesis committees, (3) standards for doctoral programs, and (4) recording of reports of Academic Integrity Policy violations. In reference to item 1, he suggested the Council invite staff members from the Center for International Studies to discuss various international student orientation concerns at their February 2 meeting. The Council agreed with his suggestion and Dr. Mossman will invite CIS staff .

The Council discussed the standard requirements of doctoral programs and questioned whether a checklist is needed for the Council when reviewing future submissions of doctoral program proposals. Further discussion led the Council to question if there are Graduate School policies that need expanded to include doctoral programs. Dr. Mossman asked Ms. Sullivan to provide a copy of the current Educational Leadership doctoral program requirements at the next meeting.

Dr. Maskarinec brought up a concern with the tracking of academic integrity incidence reports. As the policy states, should a student have two or more reports filed for such incidences, the reports should be forwarded to Student Judicial Programs for review. Ms. Sullivan noted that the incidence reports are tracked in the Graduate School and Student Judicial Programs will be notified of each occurrence for informational purposes.

Per Dr. Mossman, Item 3 will appear on the December agenda; item 1 will appear on the February agenda; and item 2 will appear on the March agenda. Items were tabled for further discussion.


A. 2007-2008 Assessment of Student Learning Report

Drs. Lori Baker-Sperry and Judith Dallinger submitted the annual assessment report to the Graduate Council for their information. Dr. Dallinger noted while the report identifies Elementary Education as having a successful model of assessment of student learning, the department indicated that the program in Reading has an even stronger assessment model. She indicated that Educational Leadership is the only program that did not supply an assessment report and this is most likely due to having a new chairperson in that department. The Council asked if there are any important deadlines departments should be aware of and Dr. Dallinger responded that July 1 is the assessment report deadline date.

B. Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund

1. Review Application and Evaluation Score Sheet and Comments forms for possible changes

The Council discussed a few changes to the application form, evaluation score sheet and comments form, and, subsequently, updates to the information on the Graduate School website concerning the graduate student award program. Ms. Sullivan will work with Sue Tygrett to update the forms as suggested.

2. Workshop for students preparing the award proposal/application

Members of the sub-committee for selecting the graduate student award recipients suggested offering a workshop to both students and faculty sponsors. They discussed having a live question and answer session, creating a podcast, and supplying samples of past award winners applications/proposals highlighting strong areas of each application/proposal. Council’s main concerns are the lack of a clear budget as well as writing toward a multi-disciplinary group of reviewers. In discussion it was decided that each college representative would provide information to their own respective colleges and share strong examples/artifacts of past award recipients proposals within their colleges. Ms. Sullivan will provide Dr. Mossman with a few samples of past recipients. This item was tabled for further discussion.

Meeting adjourned: 4:35 p.m.