Graduate Studies

March 31, 2008 Minutes

University Union Board Room, 3:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: T. Cody (Chair), B. Cupples, e. Hassan, B. Locke, M. Maskarinec (Vice Chair), M. Mossman, K. Pawelko


GUESTS: Bob Hall, Evelyn Hoing, Tej Kaul, Sue Martinelli-Fernandez, Sue Tygrett

OTHERS: B. Baily (ex-officio), G. Sullivan


Dr. Cody announced the following curriculum approvals:

A. Accountancy

1. Request to add graduate credit to a 400-level course

a. ACCT 442, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, 3 s.h.

2. Requests to change graduate program requirements

a. Master's degree program

b. Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program

B. Information Systems and Decision Sciences

1. Request for a new graduate course

a. IS 574, International Issues in Information Technology Management, 3 s.h.


1. Information Systems and Decision Sciences

2. Request for a new graduate-level course

a. DS 535, Applied Data Mining for Business, 3 s.h.

Dr. Kaul presented the course request and responded to questions from Council members. He indicated this is an anticipated course in a request for revision of the MBA program that will be forthcoming. He noted a similar course at the undergraduate level was recently approved, however, this course will have a more managerial-level emphasis. Motion: To approve the request for a new graduate-level course, DS 535. (Mossman/Maskarinec). MOTION APPROVED: 5-YES; 0-NO; 0-AB


A. Fedor Andreev, Associate Professor, Mathematics
B. Victoria Baramidze, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
C. Christopher Morrow, Assistant Professor, English and Journalism

Motion: To approve the above listed faculty as full members of the graduate faculty. (Locke/Cupples). MOTION APPROVED: 5-YES; 0-NO; 0-AB


A. Academic Calendar Review

The Council reviewed and discussed the proposed academic calendars for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Members had been asked to survey their respective colleges for suggested changes to the calendars.Dr. Maskarinec suggested including a fall break in October, such as a Friday or Monday closure, to allow for an earlier break in the semester.The Council agreed with this suggestion and Ms. Sullivan was asked to provide the information to Ms. Vicki Nicholson in the Provost's Office.

B. Strategic Plan

The Council reviewed and discussed at great length the proposed ‘Higher Values in Higher Education 2008-2018: An Action Agenda for Western Illinois University. Dr. Mossman distributed a document identifying three possible revisions to the action agenda which included minor clarification wording and expanding weekend and summer school offerings in order to meet the needs of non-traditional students on both Macomb and Quad Cities campuses. A lengthy discussion ensued concerning summer school strategies, funding, and methods of instruction such as more Internet-based curriculum.

The Council agreed to suggest the possible revisions as listed below:

1. Goal 1: Action 1, item d. - Add "Quad Cities and Macomb" to "community members" in line 1.

2. Goal 2: Action 1, item f. - Insert "and resources" to follow "educational opportunities" in line 1. Remove "with faculty" at the end of the last sentence.

3. Goal 3: Action 1 - Add "Expanding weekend and summer school offerings in order to meet the needs of non-tradition student populations on both the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses" as a new item.

C. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission Policy

Dr. Baily asked for input from the Council members who attended the ETD demonstration sessions earlier in the month. Ms. Hassan indicated the Department of Theatre and Dance has some reservations concerning their students needs and software compatibility for students in theatre. Dr. Locke mentioned that he thought the program would work for the School of Musicneeds. Dr. Hall noted that the Department of Educational Leadership should have doctoral students preparing their online dissertations this summer.

The Council agreed to approve the proposed program for a one year trial period (2008-2009) with an evaluation of the process and program capabilities in Fall 2009. Dr. Baily will share this recommendation with the ETD committee.


A. Graduate School Marketing Website Demonstration

Ms. Evelyn Hoing and Ms. Sue Tygrett gave a brief presentation demonstrating the newly developed marketing/intervening page one finds when clicking on a graduate degree program from the Graduate School website ( page provides a wealth of information for prospective students including enrollment information by department, admission requirements, and interesting facts about the program/department. Dr. Cody inquired if podcasts are available to be placed on this page. Ms. Tygrett indicated she would find out if that is a possibility.

Ms. Hoing presented the new graduate viewbook which will be used as a marketing tool and sent to graduate students who request information as well as handed out at recruitment fairs. She shared what a few departments on campus are doing with recruitment efforts and noted that the perspective program used in the Graduate School has information tracking capabilities which allows departments to see how many students move from prospective to admitted to their program.Departmental profile sheets will be included with the viewbook if a specific department is requested. Departmental profile sheets and information request cards are provided to departments at the expense of the Graduate School.

B. Graduate Assistantship Allocations

Dr. Cody shared an email from Dr. Lance Ternasky, who was unable to attend the meeting, which indicated the College of Education and Human Services would like to know how the fixed number of assistantship dollars allocated to each college was originally determined and if this formula is periodically reviewed. Dr. Baily noted this fixed allocation of assistantships precedes her tenure as Director of Graduate Studies. The assistantship budget lines are essentially rolled-over each fiscal year with the appropriate rate of increase based on the faculty salary increase. Colleges have the ability to reallocate assistantship dollars within their units. Colleges also have a mechanism to request additional assistantship funding through the annual budget request process.

C. Graduate Student Professional Development Fund Awards

Dr. Cody announced that the Graduate School recently awarded $6,000 to twelve graduate students to assist with research projects and professional development activities. He indicated there was some difficulty in using the evaluation sheet during the selection process and that the sub-committee was going to meet briefly following this meeting to discuss needed changes to the form.

D. Academic Integrity and Grade Appeal Policies

Dr. Baily informed the Council that Faculty Senate and the College Deans have requested CAGAS to review the Academic Integrity and Grade Appeal policies as they are cumbersome and difficult for students, faculty/staff, and administrators to follow. CAGAS will forward their suggested changes to the Graduate Council for their review and input.

E. Emergency Alert System Open Forums

Dr. Baily informed the Council that open forums are being planned to discuss the policies and processes associated with emergency situations on campus. While the Council members praised the new alert system recently used during a campus threat, members also highlighted areas of concern such as faculty and student expectations during that time, wording of text messages, open or closed campus as well as other concerns.


A. Request to waive the GPA requirement for admission to a doctoral degree program

1. Educational Leadership – Ed.D.

Dr. Hall spoke on behalf of the applicant who doesn't have letter grades for his master’s degree. The student attended Roosevelt University and Brigham Young University, and they only award grades of Honors/Pass/Fail so a GPA calculation was not possible. The student was not present. Dr. Baily indicated there were no objections from the Graduate School. Motion: To waive the GPA requirement for admission to a doctoral degree program in Educational Leadership.(Maskarinec/Mossman). MOTION APPROVED: 7-YES; 0-NO; 0-AB.

The regular Graduate Council meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m. Selection sub-committee members remained for a brief discussion concerning changes to the Evaluation Score Sheet and Comments form used during the graduate student award selection process. Ms. Sullivan will make the suggested changes to the form and email the sub-committee with an updated form for review. The sub-committee meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.