Graduate Studies

December 8, 2008 Minutes

MEMBERS PRESENT: e. Hassan (Vice Chair), B. Locke, M. Maskarinec, J. McNabb, J. McQuillan, G. Montalvo, M. Mossman (Chair)


GUEST: Sue Martinelli-Fernandez

EX-OFFICIO: J. Dallinger

OTHERS: G. Sullivan


A. Standards for Doctoral Programs

Dr. Mossman presented the Council with a chart used by CCPI that lists terms related to academic programming, a copy of the Request for a New Graduate Program which included the new degree or certificate development process and feasibility study requirements as defined by the Provost’s Office. Additionally, they reviewed the Educational Leadership doctoral program as printed in the graduate catalog. The Council reviewed these documents and discussed if there was a need for them to develop a document at the graduate level similar to the CCPI chart. Members questioned if it was possible to identify common doctoral program standards among varying disciplines. After a lengthy discussion, members suggested that the following items be added to the Request for a New Graduate Program form (

14. Explain how the coursework reflects the significance of the degree. If a doctoral program, also explain how the degree is differentiated from a master’s program.
15. For doctoral programs, explain how the research/performance component of the degree program differentiates from a master’s program.
16. For doctoral programs, explain how the exit option component of the degree program differentiates from a master’s program.

The Council will review the draft of this addition to the form at the next Council meeting.

B. Workshop – Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Award

Dr. Mossman shared samples of high-quality proposals that had previously been awarded funds. He noted that these examples provide thorough budget requests and provide a clear understanding of the significance of the project/request. Council members discussed adding a comment to the application form indicating that by submitting the proposal, the student is also granting permission to use their documents as models on the Graduate School website should they be identified as exceptional proposals. Exceptional models will be selected beginning Spring 2009 submissions.

Gretchen Sullivan will draft the change to the form and share with the Council at the next meeting.

C. Composition of Thesis Committee

Dr. Mossman presented the Council with the policy on Thesis/Dissertation Committees as found on the Graduate School website ( It was suggested that this policy be divided into two policies, one for thesis (master’s) committees and one for dissertation (doctoral) committees. The Council agreed to leave the current policy in place for the thesis committee with the exception of striking the references to “dissertation.” Dr. Dallinger asked the Council if a retired faculty member can chair a thesis. Council members responded that they felt a retired faculty could participate on the committee but not chair it.

The Council drafted a dissertation committee policy which will be reviewed and discussed further at the next Council meeting. Once a draft has been approved, it will be shared with various departments for their input on the potential impacts of the change in this policy.

Meeting adjourned: 5:00 p.m.