Graduate Studies

December 6, 2010

3:00 p.m., Horrabin Hall 60

Members Present: R. Bauerly, M. Bean, L. Kilmer, B. Locke, K. McClure, J. McNabb (Chair),J. McQuillan, G. Montalvo (Vice Chair)

Guests Present: Lori Baker-Sperry, Fetene Gebrewold, Richard Gee, Pete Jorgensen, Tej Kaul, Mark Kelley, Tracy Knight, Nathan Miczo, Susan Moore, Russ Morgan, Lance Ternasky

Ex-officio: J. Dallinger

Others Present: C. Dodson, G. Sullivan


A. Communication

1. Request to add graduate credit

a. COMM 425, Health Communication, 3 s.h.

This request was tabled 11/8/10 for revision of the proposal and syllabus. Drs. Jorgensen and Miczo responded to questions from the Council members. Dr. McQuillan noted that the syllabus would need to include the grading scale for the graduate-level students as they do not receive plus-minus grading.

Motion: To approve the request. (McQuillan/Montalvo). MOTION CARRIED 6 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB.

B. Economics

1. Requests to add graduate credit to a 400-level course

a. DS 435, Applied Data Mining for Business Decision-Making

This request was tabled 11/8/10 for revision of the proposal. Dr. McClure noted concern on page two of the syllabus that the graduate student requirements were not clearly and specifically identified when discussing course requirements and grades. Drs. McClure and McNabb suggested adding the more specific proposal language to the syllabus. Dr. Kaul agreed to do so.

Motion: To approve the request. It was noted that the Council will rely on the department to incorporate the changes to the syllabus and will not require a revision to be submitted for their review. (Bauerly/Montalvo). MOTION CARRIED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB.

b. DS 490, Statistical Software for Data Management and Decision Making, 3 s.h. (repeatable to 6 s.h. for different titles)

Dr. McClure indicated a similar concern as she had in the DS 435 request in which the syllabus was lacking detail that clearly articulates the requirements of graduate students. Dr. Kaul agreed to make changes to the syllabus. Dr. McNabb questioned if this course had gone through the final approval stages at the undergraduate level. Ms. Sullivan indicated the course had been approved by CCPI on December 2, 2010.

Motion: To approve the request. It was noted that the Council will rely on the department to incorporate the changes to the syllabus and will not require a revision to be submitted for their review. (Montalvo/McQuillan)

C. Health Sciences

1. Request for a new graduate course

a. HS 521, International Health, 3 s.h.

Motion: To approve the request. (Montalvo/McClure). MOTION CARRIED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB.

D. Psychology

1. Request to increase credit hours

a. PSY 604; Internship in Clinical/Community Mental Health; from 4, repeatable to 12 to 6, minimum of 12, repeatable to 12.

Dr. Knight indicated departmental internship requirements have changed and students are now required to submit reflective logs on a regular basis. Dr. Kilmer asked if supervision was given to those on internships to which Dr. Knight responded that there are two site visits per year.

Motion: To approve request. (McClure/Locke). MOTION CARRIED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB.

2. Request to change graduate program requirements

a. Clinical/Community Mental Health Option

Based on the previous approval to PSY 604 internship hours, the department requested to adjust the total program hours accordingly. The request is to change from 62-66 total hours to 66.

Motion: To approve request. (Montalvo/McQuillan). MOTION CARRIED 7 YES – 0 NO - 0 AB.


A. Continuous Enrollment for Graduate Programs

Dr. McNabb requested that a sub-committee be formed comprised of three Council members. Their charge is to work on the details of a continuous enrollment proposal and submit it to the Council with time to consider it before the end of April 2011. The sub-committee will include Drs. Kilmer, Locke, and McClure. Additionally, faculty member Dr. Gee will be included on the sub-committee.


A. Assessment of Student Learning Annual Reports 2009 – 2010

Drs. Baker-Sperry and Dallinger provided a summary of the assessment of student learning at Western Illinois University for the academic year 2009 – 2010. They indicated that overall the assessment of student learning has improved in quantity and quality in the past seven years with some improvements being significant. Dr. Dallinger noted a correction to the matrix identifying the ratings of each program offered at WIU. The graduate program in English should be marked “Effective” rather than “Meets Requirements Minimally”.

Council members asked various questions including if there is evidence of action by departments from the assessment results. Dr. Dallinger responded that some do make changes after seeing their assessment results. She noted that in order to meet the Higher Learning Commission requirements departments must not only collect data but actually use the data to implement changes that lead to improved student learning.

Dr. McNabb asked if there were any patterns/trends in the reports. Dr. Baker-Sperry indicated that currently most graduate programs locate assessment measures at the exit option stage, and that in the future, programs may be asked to add assessments earlier in the programs. Dr. Kilmer asked how these assessment reports relate to NCATE requirements, and Dr. Dallinger indicated that we coordinate university assessment requirements with accreditation assessments, whenever possible.

B. Summer School Committee

Dr. Bauerly indicated he is a member of the Faculty Senate’s recently formed Summer School Committee. He indicated a few of the charges of this committee are to annually survey the faculty and students concerning summer school, act as advisers to Senate, and develop ways to expand summer school offerings. The committee has asked the Graduate Council as to what, if any, role they would like to have on this committee. Dr. McNabb suggested the Council petition Faculty Senate for a standing member of the Graduate Council to be on their summer school committee.

Motion: To grant Dr. McNabb approval to request Faculty Senate to add a standing member of Graduate Council be placed on their summer school committee. (Montalvo/McClure). MOTION CARRIED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB.

C. Academic Integrity Policy Revision

Dr. McNabb apprised the Council of conversations she’s had with Dr. William Polley, chair of CAGAS, which indicate a desire to revise the Academic Integrity Policy. She suggested that a sub-committee may be needed in the near future to work on revisions of this policy as well as the Grade Appeals policy. She indicated no action was needed at this time as she will have further discussion with Dr. Polley and follow-up with the Council in the spring.


A. Change to Graduate/Research/Teaching Assistantship Contract Requests

Updated forms were distributed to the Council members. Dr. Dallinger noted that recent changes to the forms include (1) submitting a rationale statement if a request is made for fewer than 4-months and (2) requiring an alternate supervisor to be named as it is anticipated that online time reporting will begin Spring 2011 for graduate assistants.

B. Higher Learning Commission Visit – February 14 – 16, 2011

Dr. Dallinger provided the dates of the Higher Learning Commission’s visit to Western Illinois University during which time they will conduct a thorough evaluation of WIU to determine if accreditation will be continued. She indicated at this time she has not received notice that the HLC would like to meet with the Graduate Council but she will notify if such a request is received.


A. Request for Late Withdrawal from Courses

1. Communication

This request was tabled 11/8/10. The student participated via telephone. The petition form indicated departmental support of the request to late withdraw from Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 courses. The student provided a brief statement indicating he experienced personal and family issues during this time. He was under the impression he could succeed in the courses, however, neglected to withdraw within a timely manner. The student indicated he attended courses semi-regularly.

Dr. McNabb clarified that while it is within the Graduate Council’s purview to decide if he can withdraw from courses, they do not have the authority to grant any reimbursement of tuition. She suggested he contact the Office of Billing and Receivables for further information.

Motion: To approve the request to late withdraw from Fall 2009 and Spring 2010. (Montalvo/Bean). MOTION CARRIED 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB.

Meeting adjourned: 4:42 p.m.