Graduate Studies

August 29, 2011 Graduate Council Minutes

Members Present: R. Bauerly, M. Bean, L. Kilmer, B. Locke (Vice Chair), K. McClure (Chair), A. Mossman, J. Myers, W. Polley

Guests Present: G. Hall, M. Musick

Ex-officio: N. Parsons

Others Present: G. Sullivan


A. Requests to late withdraw from courses

1. Biology, Summer 2011 

The student was present with an advisor. He provided a statement to the Council and responded to questions. He indicated he thought he could handle the courses while juggling weekend military training. Additionally, he noted that the “I” grade in BIOL 601will be changed once he completed his thesis research.

Motion: To approve the request. (Bean/Bauerly). MOTION CARRIED 8 YES – 0 NO - 0 AB

2. History, Fall 2010 

The student was not present, however, Dr. Hall was present to respond to any questions from the Council. Dr. McClure explained that this student had submitted a request late last spring, however, the Council had asked him to more clearly articulate what he was requesting. Dr. Hall responded to questions and was excused from the deliberations.

Motion: To deny the request.(Locke/Polley) MOTION CARRIED 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

B. Requests to hold an assistantship as a probationary student

1. Business Administration

The student was present with Mr. Musick of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs as that is the location of the assistantship position. The student explained how he is the right person for the position as he has two years experience with the Box Office ticket system and it is a close fit with the MBA program as it is similar to running a small business. He further noted that during the summer during his preparation for the GMAT exam he learned how to apply himself academically including study skills and what methods are best for him to learn. The student replied to questions from Council members indicating the position is a full-time (20 hours/week) assistantship and that he is not employed elsewhere.

Motion: To approve the request to hold an assistantship for the fall semester only. (Kilmer/Bean) MOTION CARRIED 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

2. Sport Management 

The student was present and explained that she had received a verbal offer for an assistantship from the Athletics Department prior to actually being accepted into a degree program. After visiting campus, she decided to leave her home in Florida to pursue a master’s degree at WIU rather than other schools. The student responded to questions from Council members. She provided her current course enrollment for fall and stated that the position is a full-time graduate assistant with coaching responsibilities. 

During deliberations, the Council voiced their concern over the practice of offering assistantship positions prior to a student applying and being accepted into a degree program. The Council asked Dr. Parsons to provide written concern to the hiring department.

Motion: To approve the request to hold an assistantship for the fall semester only. (Bean/Bauerly) MOTION CARRIED 8 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB 


A. Dr. Parsons announced that the Graduate School is in the process of hiring a graduate assistant who will be helping to implement recruiting and retention initiatives suggested by the Noel Lovitz consulting firm.

B. Dr. Parsons indicated the Graduate School will be contacting departments soon to schedule meetings in which the Graduate School will offer assistance with recruiting efforts. 

Meeting Adjourned: 3:50 p.m.