Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Minutes - Special Appeals Meeting - August 26, 2013

3:00 – 5:00 p.m., Horrabin Hall, Room 60/QC 60th Street Campus, Room 114

Members Present: J. Averbeck, V. Diehl, J. McQuillan, A. Mossman (Chair) J. Myers, M. Stinnett, T. Walker

Members Absent: W. Polley (Vice Chair)

Guests Present: S. Moore, L. Oden, L. O’Ryan, C. Alexander-Albritton

Ex-Officio present: N. Parsons

Others Present: C. Dodson

Dr. Mossman welcomed the Council members and introduced new members Dr. Averbeck and Dr. Stinnett. Additionally, Dr. Mossman provided an overview of the student appeal process.

Dr. Mossman stated the student appeal from LAS had been withdrawn by the department.

Motion: To add summer school committee representation item to the end of the agenda. (Mossman/Diehl). MOTION CARRIED 7 YES   0 NO   0 AB


A. Request to waive the 6-hour “C” rule

1. Health Sciences

The student was present to respond to questions from the Council. She indicated that difficulty with a faculty member in another course caused her to question herself and created problems in courses she received “C” grades in. Student stated situation started in February, increased in March, and resulted in discussion with faculty member in April. Dr. Oden asked the student if she had consulted her advisor regarding the problems. Student stated she did not ask for help, nor did she consult her advisor.

Motion: To deny the request. (Walker/Averbeck).   MOTION CARRIED 6 YES – 1 NO – 0 AB

The Council asked the Graduate School to include an alternative option the student may consider which is to submit a petition to late withdraw from the entire semester, a Total University Withdrawal. Dr. Mossman requested that the recommendation also instruct the student to check with Financial Aid before submitting the petition in the event that any Financial Aid received for the SP 13 semester may have to be repaid if the Total University Withdrawal petition was approved.

B. Request for a late withdrawal

1. LAS/Petition Withdrawn by department
2. Counselor Education

The student was not present, but he had provided a cell phone number if the Council had questions for him. The graduate advisor and instructor of record for the course were present and answered questions from the Council. The student had met with the department in March and was instructed to withdraw from the course prior to the drop date, which requires instructor permission to drop. Student did not initiate the drop, even though he had agreed to do so. Discussion followed regarding departmental support for the student, as well as their concerns for his successful completion of the program. Upon further discussion, the Council determined that the situation would be better suited for a waiver of the 6-hour “C” rule, not a late withdrawal. (Student had indicated in the petition a request to be considered for a waiver of the “C” rule in the event that dropping the course was denied.)

Motion: To approve the request to waive the 6-hour “C” rule. (Myers/Stinnett).  MOTION CARRIED 7 YES – 0 NO – 0 AB

The Council asked the Graduate School to include in the letter to the student that this approval requires completion of the requirements of the professional development plan put in place by the department in the Spring 2013 semester.

C. Summer School Committee Representative

Dr. Mossman asked for a volunteer to serve on the Summer School Committee to represent the Graduate Council. Dr. Averbeck asked about the number and frequency of meetings. Professor Myers, who was serving but can no longer serve as she is also on Faculty Senate, stated there are four meetings a semester, usually two hours in length, making a total of eight meetings for both semesters. There are no meetings in the summer. No one volunteered at this time.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:40 p.m.