Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Agenda - April 20, 2020

Note: Graduate Council Meeting Minutes will be posted on the
Graduate Studies website within five (5) business days of the meeting.

3:00 – 5:00 p.m., Virtual

College of Arts & Sciences: Jonathan Hammersley, Kishor Kapale
College of Business & Technology: Hoyet Hemphill (Chair), Jim McQuillan
College of Education & Human Services: Christine Anderson, Sebastian Szyjka
College of Fine Arts & Communication: Carolyn Blackinton, Brian Locke (Vice Chair)

Ex-officio: Mark Mossman



A. Request to transfer more than 12 s.h. into a doctoral program

1. Educational Leadership

B. Request to hold an assistantship as a probationary student

1. English


A. J. Jobu Babin, Assistant Professor, Economics and Decision Sciences


A. Introduction of new Graduate Council members for 2020-2021

College of Arts and Sciences – Dr. Tim Roberts, History

College of Business and Technology – Dr. Shankar Ghimire, Economics and Decision Sciences

College of Education and Human Services – Dr. Andrea Hyde, Education

B. Election of Chair and Vice Chair for 2020-2021

C. Graduate Council meeting dates for 2020-2021

D. Academic integrity incident reports filed in the School of Graduate Studies, March 2020 (0)

E. Requests to serve as a reader/chair on exit option committee, March 2020 (0)


A. Accountancy

1. Request for a new graduate (500 or 600-level) course

a. ACCT 510, CPA Regulation, 1 s.h.

b. ACCT 520, CPA Financial Accounting and Reporting, 1 s.h.

c. ACCT 530, CPA Business Environment and Concepts, 1 s.h.

d. ACCT 541, Advanced Accounting Concepts, 3 s.h.

e. ACCT 542, Advanced Accounting Concepts II, 3 s.h.

2. Request to change graduate program requirements

a. Master of Accountancy

B. Agriculture

1. Request for a 400-G level course

a. AGEC 455, Advanced Agricultural Marketing, 3 s.h.

b. AGEC 460, US Agricultural Policy, 3 s.h.

C. Economics & Decision Sciences

1. Request for a 400-G level course

a. DS 485, Big Data for Business Decision Making, 3 s.h.

b. DS 489, Seminar in Contextual Business Analytics, 3 s.h.

2. Request for a new graduate (500 or 600-level) course

a. DS 605, Analytics Competition, 0 s.h.

3. Request to change post-baccalaureate certificate program requirements

a. Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Business Analytics

D. Music

1. Request for a new graduate (500 or 600-level) course

a. MUS 536, Technology in Music Education, 3 s.h.


A. Proposal to change assistantship GPA requirement

B. Proposed Alternate Grading Policy