Graduate Studies

University Courses

Coordinator: Dr. Nancy Parsons
Office: Sherman Hall 211
Telephone: (309) 298-1066 Fax: (309) 298-2021

Course Description

University (UNIV)

695 Continuing Enrollment. (1-12, repeatable to 12) Required for those graduate students who continue to work on their thesis, dissertation, or other exit option, and have completed all other degree requirements. The student must have previously enrolled in the thesis, dissertation, or exit option hours required for the degree before being eligible to register for this course. This course will be transcripted as an audit, and no credit will be awarded. Graded X only. Prerequisite: Permission of the School of Graduate Studies for initial enrollment.

Experimental Studies Program

Western Illinois University offers students and faculty the opportunity to explore experiments in learning which lie outside the existing traditional curriculum structure. Under the framework of the Experimental Studies Program, faculty may propose new and innovative courses (675) for presentation to students on a trial basis with a minimum of the regular approval procedure, thereby permitting an experimental period for refinement before the course is proposed through regular channels for approval. The appropriate department chairperson should be contacted for additional information about the Experimental Studies Program.

675 (Title to be Assigned by Department). (1–3) Students should consult the department to determine which experimental courses, if any, are being offered under this number during the current academic year.

Overseas Study

The following courses facilitate the registration and tracking of students who enroll for study outside the U.S.

679 Overseas Study*. Coursework undertaken as a part of an approved university overseas study program. Prerequisite: approval of study abroad advisor and department chair.

*Title is flexible as approved by department chair.