Post-Baccalaureate Certificate:
Applied Mathematics

2007/2008 Graduate Catalog


Admission and Academic Requirements

Department Chairperson: Iraj Kalantari
Graduate Committee Chairperson: Khodr M. Shamseddine
Department Office: Morgan Hall 476
Department Telephone: 309/298-1054 or 309/298-2467
Department E-mail:
Location of Program Offering: Macomb

Program Description

The post-baccalaureate certificate program in Applied Mathematics is designed for graduate level students who wish to gain expertise in a broad range of applied mathematics including applications of mathematics to industry, sciences, finance, computer science, economics, and more. The program provides preparation in applied mathematics based on sound and rooted theory, thus providing the typical student with the opportunity to pursue and find employment in the professional sector or in education, or to continue further advanced studies. The program is also the first of two steps which lead to a Master of Science degree in Mathematics.

Certificate Requirements

TOTAL: 18 s.h.

Course Descriptions


551 Methods of Classical Analysis. (3) Introduction to complex and multivariable analysis with a significant lean toward applications. Topics include sequences and series, conformal mappings, complex integration, geometry and topology of R^n, Newton’s method and Taylor polynomials, extreme values of functions of R^n, manifolds and their tangent spaces. Prerequisites: MATH 231 and MATH 311, or equivalent courses.

552 Scientific Computing with MATLAB. (3) Design, analysis, and MATLAB implementation of algorithms for solving problems of continuous mathematics involving linear and nonlinear systems of equations, interpolation and approximation, numerical differentiation and integration, and ordinary differential equations with a significant lean toward applications. Prerequisites: MATH 311 and MATH 333, or equivalent courses.

554 Methods of symmetry in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology. (3) A study of symmetry in algebra, geometry, and topology with a significant lean toward applications. Topics of study include group of Euclidean transformations, symmetries of planar sets, topological classification of compact surfaces, crystallographic patterns and classification of their symmetry groups. Prerequisite: MATH 424 or permission of the instructor.

596 Project in Applied Mathematics. (3, repeatable to 6) A project in applied mathematics or statistics, or with a professional institution, which will be presented in a final paper or portfolio, demonstrating entry into an applied mathematics field. Graded S/U. Prerequisite: Permission of the Graduate Committee.

599 Special Topics. (1–3, repeatable to 6) Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.


553 Applied Statistical Methods. (3) Introduction to probability and statistics with a significant lean toward applications. Topics include probability, probability distributions, Central Limit Theorem, sampling distributions (t, F, Chi-Square), parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, nonparametic statistics, ANOVA, linear regression. Prerequisites: MATH 231 and STAT 276, or equivalent courses