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Courses for Graduate Credit: African American Studies (2005-2006)

Chairperson: Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah
Department Office: Morgan 232
Department Telephone: 309/298-1181
Department E-mail:
WWW Address:

Graduate Faculty

  • Associate Professor
    • Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah, Ph.D., University of Alberta

Associate Graduate Faculty

  • Associate Professor
    • Safoura A. Boukari, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Assistant Professors
    • Alphonso Simpson, Jr., Ph.D., University of Wyoming
    • Audrey P. Watkins, Ph.D., University of Illinois B Chicago

Course Descriptions

456G African and Diaspora Healing Practices. (3) Examination of the source, history and survival of indigenous African and Diaspora healing methods and concepts: midwives and herbalists to evil eyes and juju. The role of the herbs and other natural elements will be covered. Prerequisites: AAS 100 and graduate standing.

466G (cross-listed with GEOG 466G-Africa) Geography of Africa . (3) Analysis of the physical and cultural geography of Africa. Not open to students with credit for GEOG 466G -Africa. Individuals who receive credit for AAS 466G-Africa may take 6 s.h. maximum of GEOG 466G if the regional studies subtitles are different. Prerequisite: two courses in geography or permission of instructor.

481G Postcolonial Theory and African Literature. (3) This course will address works of Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusaphone African writers in English translations; examine the basis of postcolonial literary theory, current trends, and how it relates to the contemporary reality of twenty-first century Africa. Prerequisites: AAS 100 or AAS 281 or AAS 381, and graduate standing.

483G African Film and Cinema. (3) Study of African film and cinema in different parts of Africa with emphasis on colonial cinema and cinema houses, and on contemporary films and home videos as elements of modern popular culture in Africa. Prerequisites: AAS 100 or AAS 380, and graduate standing.

488G Black Speech and Language Communication. (3) Course covers historical and contemporary development and practice of Black communication behaviors. Pre-diasporan influences on Black communication styles, the role of oral communication during slavery, and issues such as the ongoing contentious debates about the use of Ebonics will be explored. Prerequisites: AAS 100 and graduate standing.

491G Seminar in African American Studies. (1-6) Topics will vary from semester to semester, and will be announced prior to registration.

494G Religion in African American Culture. (3) This course acquaints students with religiosity and spirituality among African Americans and provides understanding of a worldview, via concepts of nature, God, and human interaction, that reflects African cultural retentions in the U.S. Prerequisites: AAS 100 and graduate standing.

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