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Community Activities 

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In addition to the full range of activities the Office of International Student Services offers to get international students integrated into the WIU campus, we also offer several different programs that introduce international students to the people and places of Macomb and other surrounding communities.  Below are some of the regularly scheduled activities and information on how to participate:


International Neighbors

The International Neighbors program matches first semester international students up with individuals and families in the area for purposes of cross-cultural exchange.  This program allows the students to teach community members more about their country and culture, but it also allows the new students to learn about U.S. culture while giving them meaningful contact with community members.  International Neighbor assignments are expected to last one semester and Neighbors are expected to participate in at least one activity a month with their student.  If you are interested in participating in the International Neighbor's program, please email

*Families and students will be paired in the second week of the fall and spring semester.


Weekend Homestay Program

Homestay Program - Every summer Gwangju University in South Korea sends approximately 15 students here to WIU to study English and U.S. culture. It is our hope that we can add a one weekend homestay component to their program.

Homestay, or giving an international student the opportunity to stay in a local individual or family's home, is a valuable experience for all parties involved. International students learn so much about U.S. people and culture from direct connections with the community, while U.S. people get to learn about the great people and places around the world. Homestays are especially beneficial to families with children!

We will give the families a small stipend to help pay for meals and incidentals and you will have the chance to meet your student before the actual homestay weekend. If you are interested in sharing your home with a student and will be in town on the given weekend, please email


Local Presentations

Local Presentations - WIU international students love to have opportunities to share their countries and cultures with people in the local community.  The Center for International Studies has helped arrange cultural presentations at local schools, organizations, college classrooms, 4-H groups, the YMCA Senior Center and many other places.  If you are interested in having international students present at your school or organization, please contact us at: