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Donor Profiles

We like to celebrate our donors and their gifts to WIU. Please read the profiles of any one or all of these donors to learn of the gifts they have so generously made and why. They may have established a scholarship in honor of a family member, invested in a new building or academic initiative, or returned something of what they feel they received at WIU. You will be impressedTom and Alice Berntson and inspired by their stories!

"When I was growing up, my parents talked a lot about supporting their alma mater schools…education was supremely important to them. So now, decades later, Tom and I have been fortunate to have had successful careers. Combined with a measure of frugality, and no children, what are we going to do with all this money we've accumulated?", Alice stated.

Together, Tom and Alice Berntson mapped out a list of 13 non-profits that they wanted to support and WIU was included, high on that list. Why so high on that list?

"We are Leathernecks, need I say more?", she added.

"WIU allowed us to grow academically and socially. As time went on, we realized how important WIU was to our success in life. We have a lot of fond memories of fun with friends and being at Lake Argyle," said Tom.
--Tom and Alice Berntson