Faculty Senate

University Personnel Committee

Meetings: The committee does much of its work in the fall. Sabbatical applications are reviewed in mid-October, and negative retention files are reviewed in November and December. Additional retention files as well as promotion, tenure, and PAA files are reviewed in March.

 Time: Arranged

 Place: Arranged

 Contact: Russ Morgan, Associate Provost

 Duties: Membership is limited to tenured full professors, chosen by an election process administered by the Faculty Senate. The University Personnel Committee considers applicants who have been turned down for retention, promotion, or tenure by their Departmental or College Personnel Committees, chairs, and/or deans.

Members 2017-2018

  • Tawnya Adkins-Covert, Sociology/Anthropology (A&S)
  • Matt Bean, Music (FA&C)
  • Sean Cordes, Malpass Library (University Libraries/Counseling Center/Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs)
  • Ken Clontz, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration (E&HS)
  • Don Johnson, Accounting/Finance (B&T)
  • Lorri Kanauss, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising, & Hospitality (E&HS)
  • Rick Kurasz, Music (FA&C)
  • Heather McIlvaine-Newsad, Sociology/Anthropology (A&S)
  • Jim McQuillan, Computer Sciences (B&T)
  • Katherine Pawelko, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration (E&HS)