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Student Profiles

What makes Western Illinois University so great? Our students and alumni, of course! These profiles are a glimpse of just a few of our current and recent students we're proud to have at Western Illinois. Be sure to check back to view new student/alumni profiles.

Kristin Beaver.

Kristin Beaver

  • BFA Art Alumna (2000)
  • Hometown: Macomb, IL

"My education at Western would not have been the same without art professors Michael and Julie Mahoney and Jan Clough. They were generous instructors. I not only gained skill from their instruction, but I learned a lot about being an artist, and about life in general."

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Melissa Dowin.

Melissa Downin

"It would not be possible for me to be at WIU without the generosity of Western's scholarship opportunities and the importance of higher education they provide. I thought I knew everything about Western from growing up around the area, but after attending a Discover Western I fell in love with the campus all over again!"

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Darren Heard.

Darren Heard

“I'm making the most out of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being surrounded by young, motivated and educated individuals helps me stay focused on accomplishing my goals, and the administration does a great job in opening its arms to the student body, making us feel welcome in a new environment.”

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Nicholas Howard.

Nicholas Howard

“Western's commitment to offering an unparalleled undergraduate experience is easily met. The ease with which one can get involved in multiple activities on campus is an opportunity that is quite unique among universities the size of Western.”

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Jeff and Jordan Liles.

Jeff & Jordan Liles

When the Liles twins were looking at schools, they always had Western in the back of their minds because their older brother (Jared '06) had graduated from WIU. “We knew that Western provided a lot to our older brother," Jeffrey said, while Jordan added that he really liked the affordability, and the fact that "Western is big college that has a small college feel.”

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Romesa Mickens.

Romesa Mickens

"I have a heart for people. I believe in helping them in whatever situation they are in.

That is the purpose of social work, to extend a helping hand and serve as an advocate."

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Ashley Suttles.

Ashley Suttles

“It is just an 'at home' feeling campus. The involvement of the faculty, staff and students is unbelievable. Nearly everywhere you look at WIU someone wants you to get involved and make the most of the college experience.”

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