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Educational Opportunity and Academic Excellence

The Liles.Jeffrey and Jordan both are recipients of Western's Trustee Scholarships, which are awarded to just six students each year. To qualify for a Trustee Scholarship, which pays for tuition, fees, room and board for all four years, students must have a highly competitive ACT/SAT score, above average high school class rank and grade point average, as well as a record of leadership, extracurricular activities and community service. Once at Western, Trustee Scholars must maintain a 3.5 or better grade point average.

In addition to the Trustee Scholarship, Jeffrey is also the recipient of the Roy M. Sallee Award (biology).

The Liles are both planning on careers in the medical field.

"I like helping people, so a medical career seemed like the best choice. The field is constantly changing, and coming from a rural town I know the importance of good healthcare," Jordan said.

Jeffrey added that he too chose a career in medicine because his ultimate goal is to help others.

"Being in my major is the the way I can accomplish my goals. My classes are rigorous and time consuming, but have taught me so much already," Jeffrey said.

Why Western?

The University's stellar academic programs, which includes small classes, and its outstanding extracurricular activities, keeps the Liles brothers happy with their college choice.

"What keeps us here are the opportunities Western provides us," they added.

Outside the Classroom

Extracurricular activities are a big part of the college experience for Jeffrey and Jordan. Jeffrey is involved in Western's All-Volunteer Effort (W.A.V.E.), Learning to Lead (LTL), Student Government Association (SGA) and Western's Move-In Crew. Jordan is also involved in SGA and LTL, as well as W.A.V.E., Beu's Health Advisory Committee, Homecoming Parade Committee co-chair, Centennial Honors College and the Student Orientation Staff (SOS).

The duo also participates in numerous intramural activities through Campus Recreation.

A Great Experience

"For me, Western has been one of the best experiences of my life," Jeffrey said. "I have been able to push myself as hard as a can and have had a great time doing it. I have met some of the best people at WIU. I can't imagine my life anywhere else except at Western. "

"Western is a perfect place. It offers everything a D-1 school should, while keeping classes small so students can get involved within their major," Jordan added. "The people here are great."

Jeffrey Liles, Sophomore; Jordan Liles, Sophomore

  • Majors: Biology/Medical Science
  • Hometown: Lena, IL
  • Campus: Macomb

Jeff Liles.