Equal Opportunity & Access

1. Initiate Search Process | 2. Plan & Develop Search | 3. Receive & Screen Materials | 4. Interview Applicants

5. Select Candidate | 6. Submit Hiring Document | Search Process & Forms

Step Two: Plan and Develop the Search Process (Hiring Administrator and Search Committee)

A. Convene the Committee and Define their Role

Convene the committee to review the Equal Opportunity and Access Recruitment Manual and Hiring Guidelines (this manual) and define their role in the hiring process.

Stress the requirement of candidate confidentiality to the committee and

clearly establish guidelines about the function of the committee relative to

the search and selection/screening and recommendation.

Include the discussion of area Equal Opportunity and Access goals and requirements, to make sure all members of the search committee understand their Equal Opportunity responsibilities.

Schedule the initial committee meeting with a representative from the Office of

Equal Opportunity and Access. A meeting with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access is required in order for the committee to proceed with the search process.

B. Develop the Final Position Announcement

The position announcement must be developed and approved by the Office

of Equal Opportunity and Access prior to advertising the vacancy. The announcement must include a clear statement of the non-discriminatory, job-related criteria to be used in identifying qualified candidates. The template for announcements can be found here.

The position announcement requires the following information:

Position Title

Appointment Start Date

Responsibilities: A statement of duties and responsibilities, including a description of the expected teaching areas, research, service or administrative activities to be performed.

Include a clear articulation of the essential and marginal functions of the position in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Essential functions that define the role of faculty positions are understood to be teaching/ performance of primary duties, research and service. Position descriptions must not list the manner in which these functions are to be performed.(For example: essential functions of a faculty position include providing instruction and evaluating student performance, not typing handouts and reading essay exams.)

Include special requirements such as travel to WIU-QC or other extension sites, evening and weekend hours, use of technology or lab equipment and other characteristics of the job that define its function. Position descriptions may also mention a variety of other possible limiting conditions that could require accommodation, such as the nature of teaching duties (i.e. class size) and service or research projects with specific requirements.

Rank and Salary: If the salary is not definitive, indicate that

the salary is determined "commensurate with experience," or



Required and Preferred Qualifications

The committee must be very clear in this section of the position announcement, as it is the basis of evaluation throughout the search process. Required Qualifications include the minimum required education and experience necessary to perform the essential functions of the position that match minimum administrative or departmental tenure standards according to UPI agreements. Do not assume that a third party will infer the qualifications for which the committee is looking.

A secondary list of preferred qualifications should be sufficiently detailed to permit the individual evaluation and screening of applicants, yet general enough to ensure an adequate applicant pool that includes diverse representation. By outlining detailed, yet general, required qualifications and more specific preferred qualifications, the committee is able to garner a diverse and significant applicant pool while effectively evaluating candidates.

Requests for teaching evaluations may be listed as one of the application requirements. Criterion that excludes on the basis of a specified number of years of experience should be avoided, except in cases of external certification requirements.

Subjective requirements in the "Required" or "Preferred" Qualifications Section

Those requirements that require a personal judgment to determine what the committee will accept are acceptable; however, the committee must define/articulate the standard they will apply equally to all applicants before evaluation by including it in their initial evaluation rubric or in an Interview Exchange note in the job listing. Examples: "excellent oral and written communication skills; excellent research record; must demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching..."

If the committee has any further questions, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.

Department Description: Explain the composition of the department; such as, accreditation, degrees offered, number of faculty, website, etc.Application instructions: Provide instruction as to what items are needed to complete an application.

Screening date: The date that the committee will begin screening


Contact: Contact information for applicant questions

Statement of security sensitive positions (if applicable)

AA/EO statement*

C. Develop an Advertising Plan

Develop a plan for advertising and distributing the position announcement and submit to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access for approval. This plan must include strategies for recruiting applicants from underrepresented groups. Some examples are: advertising in publications that reach a diverse population, posting to appropriate listservs and/or websites and contacting organizations whose membership is comprised of individuals from underrepresented groups. All of these strategies will help to enlarge the pool of candidates and convey the institutional commitment to diversity. If you need assistance planning advertising strategies, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access for available resources.

Reminder: The position description, position announcement and advertising plan must be submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access for approval prior to advertising.

Once the position description, position announcement and advertising plan have been approved, submit your announcement to the various agencies/organizations for publication. Be sure to allow a minimum of 30 days from posting date to initial screening date when planning your advertising.