Distance Learning

Obtaining Your Textbooks

You may order your textbooks from the University Union Bookstore through the Online Bookstore which is located on the University Union Bookstore’s web page at bookstore.wiu.edu.  The textbooks will be shipped to the address you indicate.


  •   Float your cursor over “Textbooks” on the menu bar and from the drop down menu click on “Student Book Orders” .
  •   Select the correct "Term open for order" (if it is not already pre-selected) then select the correct department/s of the course/s.
  • Click on the “Continue to Get Course Materials” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the course number/s and section number/s for your course/s.
  • Click on the “Continue to Get Course Materials” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Review the textbook information displayed.
  • Select either “used”, “new” or “rental” button for each textbook and click on “Add to Cart” button to add each textbook to your cart.
  • Click on “Print Book List” button to print a copy of the Course Material List, if you wish.
  • Click on the “Shopping Cart” button to view your shopping cart.

  Follow the on-screen instructions to update your cart or continue checkout. If you wish to have your order couriered to the Quad Cities campus, please choose “QC campus pickup” as the shipping method.

You may also purchase your textbooks from an alternative source.   Textbook information is available on the STARS website. Use the course search options to locate your course and section. Expand the available information by clicking on the plus (+) sign. Within the expanded area, you will find two additional plus (+) signs. The textbook information will be located in the “Additional Course Information” area displayed when you click on the lower plus (+) sign. Clicking on the blue ISBN number will redirect your browser to the Google web page and numerous choices for purchasing the textbooks.