Distance Learning


Do I have to come to campus to take exams?

Some courses require proctored exams, while others utilize online exams. Exam specifications can be found in the course syllabus which is available on the course website the first day of the semester. Students wishing to obtain this information prior to the first day of class are advised to contact the instructor by phone or email or to contact Distance Learning by email at DistanceLearning@wiu.edu or by calling 309/298-2496. The Distance Learning office maintains a list of approved proctors and can work with students seeking testing sites.

What is a "proctored" exam? 

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.   The student must make arrangements with the proctor to have the exam administered.

Some online courses require a proctored exam.  Review the course syllabus to determine if the course requires a proctored exam or an online exam.


Who is an acceptable proctor? 
Students living near Macomb must take all examinations at the Distance Learning office, Horrabin Hall 10, WIU. Call 309/298-2496 to schedule a time for the examination.  The Distance Learning office requires appointments for examinations to be scheduled at least 24-hours prior to taking the exam.

Students living in the Quad Cities area must take all examinations under the supervision of personnel at WIU-Quad Cities campus. Call to schedule a time for the examination. WIU-Quad Cities requires appointments for examinations to be scheduled at least 24-hours prior to taking the exam.

Western Illinois University's Quad Cities
3561 60th Street
Moline, IL 61265

For students unable to take their exams at WIU's Macomb or Quad Cities campuses, the Distance Learning office has a number of pre-approved proctors located throughout the U.S.  To locate the pre-approved proctor nearest you, click on Proctor Locator and follow the map viewing instructions.

Students living in other locations should arrange for an acceptable proctor to conduct the examination and are responsible for fees assessed and postage to return the exam. The following are acceptable proctors:

  • Testing center personnel at community colleges and universities

  • School superintendents, high school principals, and high school guidance counselors

  • Education officers of military personnel 

  • A library that provides proctoring services

Indicating a proctor on your Examination Request Form who does not meet these criteria will cause a delay in processing your examination request.  Faculty members, relatives, work supervisors, or the immediate employer of the student may not serve as proctors.

WIU reserves the right to reject a proposed examination proctor.


I am not taking my exam at the Macomb or Quad Cities campuses, how far in advance should I request my exam?

Students must request exams no later than two weeks in advance to allow for mail time.  During deadlines allow enough time for the exam to be returned and forwarded to your instructor for grading.