Distance Learning

Course Development Process

Western Illinois University will fund the development of new online courses. Typical funding will provide $5,000 per course using a team approach with the assistance of the Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT) and the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research (CITR). The online course development process is designed to help faculty develop courses online. Ordinarily,  a call for proposals is announced during the spring semesters. To submit a proposal for online course development, please read and complete the Online Course Development Proposal. Below is additional information regarding the online course development process:

Course development policy (pdf)
FY15 course development timeline
Best Practices for Teaching online agenda (pdf)
CAIT Development Process (pdf)
Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act Standards (IITAA) (pdf)

Course development work must be completed by June 1 of the funding cycle to receive payment. For information on compensation for the development of online courses see the 2010-2015 Agreement (Article 16.4).

Deadline for Submissions:

For this funding cycle, proposals for new course development will be accepted through September 30, 2014.

Submit Proposals to:

Dr. Richard Carter
Executive Director, School of Distance Learning, International Studies and Outreach
Horrabin Hall 6
Telephone: (309) 298-1929
Fax: (309) 298-2226

Additional Resources

Below is a list of resources for faculty teaching online or thinking about teaching online. If you require information that you don't see listed, please feel free to contact the School of Distance Learning, International Studies and Outreach at (309) 298-1929. Please note that some links may require your ECOM login and password.

WesternOnline Frequently Asked Questions and Resources
IITAA Accessibility Standards
Copyright and Intellectual Property Information See paragraph 17
Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) Rubric (.rtf)
QOCI Checklist (.rtf)
Free and Close to Free Resources (.doc)
Benefits and Challenges of Teaching Online Presentation by Kevin Johnson (ppt)