Distance Learning

Registration Procedures for Sponsored-Credit Courses Instructions

Admission to Graduate Study

Students registering for sponsored-credit courses must first be admitted to graduate study at the university. Students may apply for admission on-line as follows:

  1. Access the School of Graduate Studies webpage at www.wiu.edu/grad. Click "Apply On-Line." Select the appropriate category for your status: New, Readmission, or Current. Follow the specific on-line instructions for your category.
    Please note that new graduate students are assessed a first-time, non-refundable application fee of $30. The fee may be paid on-line via credit card (this is the recommended procedure). If you have taken graduate classes from WIU previously, you are NOT a new student and are not required to pay the fee.
  2. Indicate in the appropriate section of the on-line application whether you wish to be a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student at WIU.
    • Degree Candidates: Degree candidates (i.e., seeking a graduate degree from WIU) must request one official transcript from each college or university previously attended. Students must hold a bachelor’s degree from an institution that is accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency.
    • Non-Degree Candidates: Non-degree candidates (i.e., enrolling in courses for professional development or other reasons but not seeking a graduate degree from WIU) must request an official transcript or statement of degree from the college or university granting their highest degree. The statement must show the degree and the date it was conferred.
    As soon as possible, please request required transcript(s) or statements of degree be sent directly to: School of Graduate Studies, Stipes Hall 527, Western Illinois University, Macomb IL 61455. Faxes or unsealed student copies cannot be accepted.
  3. Special Note
    In the "Comments" box of the academic section of your application, please note if you are a member of a specific off-campus degree cohort or grant project.
  4. Course Registration
    You are encouraged to secure admission to graduate study as soon as you know you will be enrolling in a specific sponsored-credit course. In most cases, on-line admissions are acknowledged within 24 hours of submission of the application.
    You will complete a registration form for the course at the first class session with the instructor or, if you are a member of a degree cohort, sometimes at a class session for a previous course in the sequence.
    Please note that any “holds” on registration or previous encumbrances with the university must be resolved before registration can be completed. You will not receive credit for a course until such obligations are resolved.
  5. Course Withdrawal
    Sometimes circumstances do not permit completion of a course. Please note that non-attendance in a class after registration does not constitute a withdrawal. Students must notify the Registrar of intent to withdraw in writing.
  6. For Questions
    Contact the School of Graduate Studies (309.298.1806) with any further questions relating to graduate study at WIU.