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Robert Mann, Associate Professor - Department of Mathematics, Western Illinois University

Dr. Bob Mann is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Western Illinois University and has taught mathematics and mathematics education courses at Western since 2000. Prior to joining the faculty at WIU, Dr. Mann taught mathematics at the high school and community college levels. His research focuses on mathematical problem-solving, student achievement, and innovative practices in teaching and learning mathematics. He has published numerous articles and regularly speaks to diverse audiences at local, regional and national conferences. Dr. Mann has served as chair of the editorial board of the NCTM journal Teaching Children Mathematics, and as a board member of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM). He is currently the President-elect of ICTM. Dr. Mann has worked with teachers and students across Illinois to increase content knowledge and achievement, to use technology effectively in the study of mathematics, to integrate science and mathematics topics and connections, to align instruction and curriculum with state and national standards, and to experience best practices in teaching and learning mathematics.