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Study Abroad and Outreach offers professional development in the form of conferences, sponsored credit, and certificate programs across the state of Illinois. For teachers, this may mean earning college credit or Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs) for professional licensing requirements.  For other professionals, this may mean college credit, contact hours, or Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Conferences & Workshops

Conferences and workshops are offered by Study Abroad and Outreach on the Western Illinois University campus and in cities across the state. Continuing Professional Development Units for teachers and CEUs for licensing or certification for a variety of professions are offered as part of our conferences and workshops.

Study Abroad and Outreach works independently as well as in cooperation with university departments. Departments that are planning conferences or workshops which require time and preparation which may take them away from their full-time responsibilities may be interested in discussing how the office may assist them in delivering their program.  Our office provides various types of services.  We recommend that departments interested in conference services should contact our office.  Although not all-inclusive, below is a sample of the services we provide to departments across campus.

  • Registration Services, including registration, payment, and confirmation
  • Advertising, including print and electronic advertising
  • Technology
  • Catering
  • Presenter Contracts and Payment
  • Fiscal Oversight
  • Budget Preparation
  • Program Evaluation

Upcoming Conference

Technology in Education Conference

Western Illinois University- University Union

Macomb, IL

Friday, April 17, 2015

In the past, Study Abroad and Outreach has done conferences with various departments across campus including the history, math, agriculture, speech pathology, LEJA, and English departments.  Fore more information on our services for these offerings, please contact our office.


Sponsored Credit Courses

In addition to conferences and workshops, Study Abroad and Outreach offers specially designed credit-bearing courses to teachers and other professionals whose participation is sponsored by external agencies/their employer.

Sponsored Credit Courses are arranged through the external sponsoring agency, university department, and Study Abroad and Outreach. These courses are designed to give undergraduate or graduate level credit. Although sponsored credit can be offered for an individual course, it may be offered for degree seeking students.  Many sponsored credit courses follow a cohort format in which a group of students take classes together until completing their graduate level degree.

Why Sponsored Credit?

Sponsored Credit is advantageous to the sponsor who may already be reimbursing individual employees for their coursework.  In a sponsored credit format, the sponsor may be able to sponsor their employees at a reduced rate compared to paying for their education on an individual basis.


Entities that qualify as sponsors are consortiums (i.e. school districts with professional development dollars), government units, community organizations, or private businesses.  Entities such as clubs, special committees, etc, do not qualify as sponsoring agencies.  Please note that it is prohibited to offer sponsored credit classes by a school district or other entity whose employees/members are required to contribute more than 50% to the total cost of the class.  The contract must include a certification by the authorized official of the sponsoring agency stating that student participants are not required to contribute more than 50% to the cost of the sponsored credit course.

Sponsoring a Course

If your organization or business is interested in offering a sponsored credit course for your employees through WIU, please contact Study Abroad and Outreach at 309.298.1911.  We can assist you in working with the appropriate department on campus and in setting up your sponsored credit course.


If you are an individual whose employer is offering a sponsored credit course through Western Illinois University and you would like to register for the class, please refer to the admission information provided.  Typically the individual registers for a sponsored credit course by applying for graduate admission and following the registration procedures for sponsored credit courses at WIU.  


Certificate Programs

Study Abroad and Outreach offers certificate courses in response to educational needs in a variety of professional communities.  Currently, Study Abroad and Outreach in cooperation with the WIU School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and the Illinois State Police Mobile Training Units, offers Juvenile Justice Certification training programs for police officers throughout Illinois.  Police officers are encouraged to contact their local MTU if they are interested in obtaining certification.

Western Illinois University offers credit-based post-baccalaureate certificates through other divisions of the university.  Various programs are offered either on the Macomb campus or on the Quad Cities campus.  Additional information and a list of post-baccalaureate certificate programs may be found through the Graduate Studies Office.