Duplication of Credit

When Admissions/Records Officers of the BGS degree program prepared your WARD, they checked for possible duplication of credit in your past academic work. In each case, they made every effort to award you as much credit as your records warranted without granting credit twice for the same course or course equivalency. If you have any questions about your WARD, please contact your advisor.

Now that you are in the program, you will need to avoid taking courses that duplicate work that has already been recorded on your transcript or WARD. When in doubt, contact your advisor BEFORE taking a course, taking a proficiency examination, requesting courses in a prior learning portfolio, etc. Specific areas that constitute duplication of credit include:

  • Repeating a course at the same school for a better grade. Credits will be awarded toward graduation only once for the course even though it will appear on your transcript each time you take it.
  • Taking a course at a college or university that contains the same subject matter as a previous course from a different institution. This applies even if the courses have different numbers, names, or were taken in different departments.
  • CLEP subject examinations that cover the same material as covered in a course taken prior to the CLEP examinations.
  • CLEP or Excelsior examinations which would award credit that is a prerequisite to courses taken in that subject that have been taken and recorded on your transcript.
  • Proficiency credit for courses that have been taken.
  • Written Prior Learning Portfolio credit awards for courses taken.