The BGS Advisory Committee is responsible for hearing and making decisions on all appeals to BGS.  Examples of issues which may be appealed include:

  • admission requirements
  • course substitutions
  • waiver of graduation requirements 

To submit an appeal to the BGS Advisory Committee, complete and submit the BGS Appeal Form along with any documentation or evidence that will support your appeal.  Items not allowed through this appeal process include portfolio awards and course grades.  The BGS Appeal Form should be completed and submitted to the address given on the BGS Appeal Form or your BGS academic advisor. 

Fall 2014 Semester BGS Advisory Committee Meeting Dates:

August 26, 2014          -          Deadline to submit appeals:  August 15, 2014

September 23, 2014   -           Deadline to submit appeals:  September 12, 2014

October 21, 2014       -           Deadline to submit appeals:  October 10, 2014

November 18, 2014    -           Deadline to submit appeals:  November 7, 2014

December 9, 2014      -           Deadline to submit appeals: November 26, 2014

Spring 2015 Semester BGS Advisory Committee Meeting Dates:

To be determined