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About the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS) Degree Program

The WIU Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS) degree program, formerly the Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts, was developed in 1972 to serve mature adults who were unable to complete an undergraduate degree by traditional means.


The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program will serve as the gateway for Western Illinois University to extend flexible online academic educational opportunities at a distance.


The mission of the General Studies Degree Program is to assist each student to design, implement, and complete a focused and comprehensive plan of study leading to a bachelor's degree that meets the student's personal and professional educational goals.

 BGS Staff

Contact Info

To contact degree program staff in Macomb;

Phone: (309) 298-1929

FAX: (309) 298-2226



In the Quad Cities;

Phone: (309) 762-3999