Public Safety

The safety of our school should be a priority in any situation. The students that attended the 2chainz concert could have anything harmful in their possession that could harm others. When you walk through the doors they take your ticket and give you a wrist band. Then you go around the corner to the officers that check your purse and make you open your jacket if you have one.

The officers that checked the purses just asked you to open them and they checked the top and not inside of the purse. Anyone could have easily had a gun or weapon of their choice in their possession. I had more security at my high school then there was at the concert. I’m glad to know that there wasn’t any incident involving violence but it could have been. However that was not because the officer’s property checked individuals but because everyone was there to have a good time.

The concert was safe and everyone enjoyed the performances. However, there was a girl that fell out in the bathroom from some complications but she was treated.