Halloween Classics!

It’s the time of year when leaves fall off trees, sweaters break out of closets, and kids pick out costumes. It’s October! Which means that its time to break out the candy and Binge on some Halloween classics.


You might think getting a hold of these classics would be easy, but Netflix doesn’t have many ready to stream Halloween classics. I searched some of the good ones, like Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Beetlejuice, and Young Frankenstein they all were not available. However they did have Scream 1-3, Nightmare before Christmas, Halloween, even Goosebumps. So it’s really a toss up, there are some great movies and other just aren’t streaming.


Disney Channel doesn’t appear to be bring back any of it’s old Halloween themed movies either so say bye, bye to Tower of Terror. I wish Disney would go back to the old days. I guess kids can look forward to themed episodes from their current run down. For the old school-ers I guess we have to head out to Family video.


I think that that is one Netflix’s down falls. When holidays come around it’s like tracking through tons of movies or search baring ones that might not even be there. I’d rather they put up a Halloween category during the month. Streaming those classics for just the month like a feature movie each week. It would make many costumers very happy. Netflix might not have it all, but between movies you know and the ones you don’t you’ll be burry eyed…maybe satisfied up all night on the Binge. 

Halloween pumpkins