If you’re like me, a poor college student with no premium channels, then Netflix is like your best friend. Every season of Dexter is now on Netflix. So if you missed it this summer never fear Netflix is here! I have been trying to watch Dexter for a while, now that I have all the seasons just a click away it’s time to Binge.


 Dexter is centered on Dexter Morgan played by Michael C. Hall, a crime scene analyst. He has a fascination with blood and acts out by killing people.  Not just any kinds of people, but murders, rapist, molesters, all kinds of awful people who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system. This was a very touchy concept, because on one hand he is killing bad people, on the other he is committing murder.


It’s nice to have a show push what people believe in. That murderer got what was coming, but wow Dexter killed this person. I know what my weekends are going to be like a bowel of chips some dip, just another late nights on The Binge.