Moon Over Macomb

Kids in costumes lined the sidewalks of Macomb's downtown square over the weekend during the Moon Over Macomb event. From Ironman to Frosty the Snowman, the kids where dressed in the festive attire.

"We just love this event," said Anna Summers. "We bring our kids each year and they just love the horse trolley."

At the event, kids took part in face painting, cookie decorating, storytelling, and the costume parade.

The Western Illinois Museum hosted a Haunted Museum featuring members of the museum dressed up as historical figures.

"I liked learning about the bootlegger," said Haley Smith. She refers to the gangster that spoke to tour group at the museum about Prohibition in the 1920's.

During the early hours of the event, people had the opportunity to register a pumpkin as the Ugliest or Biggest. The winning pumpkin was at a size of about two and a half feet in diameter.

One questioned asked during the event was "Why is the event called 'Moon Over Macomb?'" 

"It get's its name from the Fall in general," said the David Keith. "It deals with the Harvest Moon, the entire feeling of Fall, and so the name came and just sorta stuck."

 Jean Davenport from the Macomb Food Co-Op was also at the event. She said she enjoyed seeing the kids run about and the overall atmosphere of the event.

"It's just a wonderful event for the community," said Davenport.

Sarah Wallick is the Downtown Development Coordinator for the Macomb Chamber of Commerce. She put on the event and was happy with the turnout.

"There were more kids this year than last," said Wallick. "It's really encouraging."

Kids, Candy, and Costumes

Stephanie Foulk and Family at Moon Over Macomb