Public Drinking Water Notice

            Facilities management announced Tuesday that coliform bacteria was found in Western Illinois drinking water. The report says that the microorganisms were found on August sixth. Immediately after the report was given, a boil order was announced to the University. Additionally within twenty-four hours, all 5 sites in Macomb took new water samples. To take even more precaution, management tested the water up and down stream at each site. All test results showed no signs of coliform bacteria present.

            Coliform bacteria is naturally present in the environment. It generally is not harmful by itself. However when the bacteria is found in water test results, it is a warning that other potentially harmful bacteria are present. In Macomb’s case, very high levels of coliform were found. This gave management a warning that there could potentially be a major issue with the cities water supply.

            A high level of coliform in the water system usually means that there is a problem with the treatment or distribution system. Problems with these systems could lead to Fecal coliform or E. coli being present in the water. After several more tests, management said that they did not find any of these bacteria in their subsequent testing. They also mentioned that after further testing was taken the problem was resolved.

For more information on how you can test your water for coliform bacteria visit http://www.thisland.illinois.edu/57ways/57ways_35.html