Horn Field Campus Hosts 'Nature's Tricksters'

Hibernation may not be something humans are capable of, but it is something a variety of animals do. If you've ever wondered how animals make it through the long winter months without hot chocolate and warm blankets, you're in luck. Western Illinois University's Horn Field Campus will be hosting 'Nature's Tricksters,' Friday, October 11.

Western's own Maddie Ruhl, a graduate student in the recreation, park and tourism administration department, will be hosting the free event. Ruhl, a naturalist, says the program will highlight various traits that help animals survive through the winter, including how to spot signs of hibernation and camouflage survival tricks.

The program is scheduled to run from 6 to 7 p.m. near the Horn Field Campus Corn Maze, which will open at 7 p.m. The Corn Maze is $5 per person (ages 13 & up) and $2 per child (ages 12 & under).

Contact Ruhl for more information at me-ruhl@wiu.edu.
Or visit Horn Field Campus online. 

Squirrel Surviving the Winter

Squirrrel in Winter

Squirrels survive the cold winter months by planning ahead. They spend most of the fall building up a layer of fat to keep them warm.